hmm reason why i delete long blonde hair post:

  • no one reply
    also sorry about that…

i just finished my WOTW entry name SUMMERAWAITS
also wings is allowed but others forbidden

im not done i will clear the soils and more lol
also change the background to summer ._.

jake was in the story…
after you saw jake i write the wrong text sorry

Is this thread questioning (like asking what to add) or are you actually posting this for WOTW?

I feel there, is a lot of wasted space in this world. Also I think, you should pick a theme (Like beach). For example you include the parkour with a beach so it doesn’t feel like a orange box in the sky.

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Only half the world is used tho so you will only get half a WOTW trophy :trophy:


no offence but this just is not good enough :confused: there are thousands of parkours like this

Like Orange said, no offense but I do not see this even coming close to winning any WOTW awards. This is something that a new player could make in a single day after joining. Sorry for the hard truth man.

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