Summoning Checkpoint

Since I like building minigames alot and have noticed when thinking about some minigame concepts, there can be situations, where the players have to respawn at their checkpoint and where killing the player is simply not feasible or even impossible.
This is why I came up with the Summoning Checkpoint. It works like a normal checkpoint, as in you respawn at it when you die, however it has an additional function. It will summon every player who has it set as their checkpoint (or make them respawn) to it’s location when it receives an ON Signal (It is supposed to have a wiring input) or gets “toggled”/hit (e.g. like a Spike Trigger Trap).
Optionally, it could also have a Wiring output, which is ON, as long as at least 1 player set it as their checkpoint. I am not sure if this is neccessary, but why not mention it as a possibility.

Here is a crappy concept art I made for the checkpoint itself and one for its interface:
Summoning Checkpoint Concept Art
Summoning Checkpoint Concept Art GUI
As you can see, the Summoning Checkpoint can also be used without Wiring, for example when you are manually hosting some minigames.

I don’t believe that it will oppose new scamming methods, as the Kick/Ban everyone function already is given to world owners by wrenching a world’s World Lock and summoning multiple people to one place is basically a weaker version of that (for scammers).

In case that it becomes corssbreedable, I would suggest Checkpoint + Circuit Board as a possible recipe.

In case you have any questions, want to make additions or give feedback, feel free to do so!


Very cool idea hope it comes into the game at some point

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Bumping cuz I really want this added :pleading_face: