Im Thinking on making a superhero clan to help people and stop drop games.
any suggestions on how to make pixel worlds a better place?

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idk maybe it can be like a city watch or whatever, where a bunch of people mass report someone or a world

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thx for the advice

How do you plan on doing this?

Just saying “stop its mean” wont work
drop games also aren’t the only scam.

Not trying to stop you, just curious to see how you plan on doing this.

I think there is already such a clan @TiberiusZgo is the owner if I’m right

no that clan helps new players

im thinking we do a Massive report on the drop gamers.
And we will soon figure out how to deal with other scams

thx for the feedback

Yeah I own that clan but it is more on helping new players. His clan is more like a police academy to stop scammers who do drop games n stuff

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=Still don’t really see what thats going to do, sure, a mod might come, but not every time

do u have any ideas to help the pixel heroes make PW Better?

Making peoples to stop playing drop game

we already do that
but ty for replying