Hello everyone, I have recently writed email to the with my problem, it was about one player bullying others. It was like 2 weeks since i send it and i didn’t got any reply and no one did anything about it. I have send that email again like 1 week ago and the result was same. What should i do so support wouldn’t miss it again? If this threat is reading some admin or someone who reads support emails could you please look again on it, it was titled “Harassment/Bullying”, thanks!

Small update: Nothing changed, that guy still isn’t probably banned so I really think they missed my email

Another update: After some resends they are finally starting looking into it, thanks everyone who tried and helped me!

Well idk what you can do it’s not something huge and support gets at least 100 messages a day I don’t know what you can do

Yeah, maybe when Jake will stream i can try to ask him to try look at it

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Did you try to attest report him ingame?

If it’s a problem in game about harassment or bullying, you can maybe DM a mod about it with the proof you have.
I think support prioritizes cases which mods can’t handle and cases that affect the game

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I’ll try, just i don’t know what they will be able to do because mods can ban only people that are in the same world like they and i don’t have any ideas where’s that guy but still thanks and I’ll definitely try!

When it was happening I did but nothing happened so i quess they missed my report or something like that

if i’m correct, they can warp to the reported player’s current location
But even though they can’t warp, still message a mod about it as you have a higher chance with them in this case.


As what Commanderer said, they can warp on reported players. or if the players offline, they can ban them (if there are proofs).

Also, moderators are humans too. Maybe they were offline at that time and is investing that person now. Who knows?

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The report is like 2 weeks old so i don’t know if they will be able to warp at that player but I’ll try to msg some mod about it, thanks!

Yeah, i didn’t said that they are lazy or nothing, everyone has their own live and i, fully respect that they can’t be online 24/7



This literally happens if my anti-typo exists, apologies <3

People used to call me “King of Typos” in the other forum called .

Maybe they have already saw the email and is investigating the person. you know, kukuori has only a small amount of team and I appreciate they still can check off email support than the other game who had 50+ team members but can’t even reply to my email support.

Yeah, i don’t think that they are investigating it right now because it wouldn’t need much investigation. I have sended then 9 screenshots of proof and wrote little story how it happened and that i had problems with the same guy before. I have aleready messaged mod about so he could forward this to some admin

Well you should probably just move on and forget about them. If you encounter another case like this, report and forget.

Don’t hold a grudge. I think the player already got banned? Is he?

If your urgent enough, then pm the moderators via forums or discord.

Edit: If you’ve reported the players via private message then just forget that player. He will stay at jail!

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He isn’t banned because he’s posting photos from the game like normally.

I have reported him via game report message system and email, I’m not blaming anyone, it’s obvious and acceptable that report like this can be easily missed.

The reason why i want to get this player is that he thinks stuff he does is completely fine. He thinks that he can do whatever he wants do without getting any source of punishment. He’s being so mean to other people so long especially to me and my friend

If you’ve reported him, then it’s done, remove him and ignore him. I probably think because of this quarrantine, he has mental issues.

I had the same issue too you know, but in a different game. He bragged me off, banned me and banned my forum account. He also leaked my private information without my notice. I had to permanently ban my ingame account for the sake of security, but hey. PW is better.

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