Sus world

I don’t know if this is a right place to discus that but I have a problem. My friend triolled me by sending me to the world @yournightmare and i crashed out from the game…. Other says that world downloads virus to your devicd so I don’t know what I should do now… change password? Just ignore it? Idk….

It’s basically a world with a hacked display case. Nothing much happen when you enter the world except your game crashing.


But there are no chances that I got the virus?

Nop, it’s only a world. Nothing can happen.

Okay, Thanks for fast reply!

I agree with retnos for this (:

false analysis, a world with hacked traps and proximity sensors is able to cause that , not hacked display cases
also @Haris worlds in pixel worlds can not download viruses to your device in any way (yet?)

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Ohhh! This haooened in @HANGOUT once and needless to say, it got a little attention. From me as well.
From my speculation, it is because the display case contains a normal item (as seen when Hangout had an old miners shoe and here we have a blue particle) and the description being alot of heavy symbols which overload the game causing it to crash (as from Hangout, the display case was in a public area, even trying to edit it causes the game to crash).
Most UNITY games probably have a memory limit.

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how do they give you the virus lol

Don’t ask me, Im a little bit brainless :hugs:

They show your IP address to Pixel worlds devs which send it to the FBI.

Mhm. The best explanation! Thanks for answering! :+1::joy:

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You should check the world YOURNIGHTMARE for yourself and see it is very possible.

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No ways to get a corrupted file downloaded while entering a world

nevermind, it is just a forced hacked-display-case interaction