My 1th world for WOTW
world name : TAMTARATEJ

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It’s ‘1st’. Anyways, that is nice for a first attempt. However, I feel like you should’ve filled the top layer as it is empty. Something like improvised clouds with parkours in it?

Hey, thx for the comment :slight_smile:
I know so top is empty :confused: , I started 8 months ago and started badly. Maybe I can fix it, I thought to close the whole thing with a large cave started from the right side? hmm
Now I use pw tools and create a few of worlds in parallel …and I have more experience. I hope. :smile:
Yes, this is my first shared. I think the next ones will be more advanced.
They will be as scenario for several worlds with parkours of course .

terrible mistake, excuse me. :confused:
I didn’t put on my glasses

Can I edit topic name?

Name of that world is : TAMTARATOJ

Looks cool but I swear, all WOTWs are pirate themed nowadays…

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It reminds me of some other worlds, with the same pirate theme. Looks very nice

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Unfortunately, only users with the Regular privilege could edit it and moderators aswell.

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Nah Regular can only make a wiki post and access a special category / lounge.

A wiki post, is a post that everyone can edit. I’ll make one down below.

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I ask the same thing, where is wiki post?

thx a lot
Yes, I know …pirate theme is most popular hihi …two last WOTWs confirms
…but is My 1th with I start create some months ago and next well be more original …I hope.