Team doors or team wheels?

I thought that this was a very interesting trend. Basically do you think there are more doors or wheels in the world.

Team Doors include normal doors locker and cubpoard doors and even advent calendar doors.

Team wheels includes all vehicles wheels, suitcase wheels, shopping trolling, and even wheels on a revolving chair.

Im on team wheels think about how much easier it is to make a wheel than a door. Also you can have mine wheels but mine doors as in advent calenders arent as common. I also think that there are more vehicles than the buildings in the world.

Id like to hear your opinions in the replies.

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I was surprised the vote was so close.

Windows count right?

Do transistors count as they either block or allow passage of current, just as doors do with objects?

If yes then light switches count too.

Do lids count?

Well there could be more vehicles than buildings, but think about condos and skyscrapers and such, they must have qute alot of doors in them

Transistors are not generally refered to as doors.

So lids aren’t included neither?

No only things that are referred to as doors

doors block or obstruct things, so its fair game for lids to be allowed

What about transistors then?

Is it fair to use all circular objects as wheels then?

All the ball bearings, circular foods, sports balls.

I think it should only count if it is called a door or a wheel
Not if it has a similar function.

no because circular foods dont transport stuff

If circular foods don’t count as wheels due to lack of function, then do unused doors not count as doors?

These are spheres, not wheels.

Every car has 4 doors, same number as the number of wheels.

Do we consider something a door when it is

A) able to be a door?

B) is used as a door?

C) was designed to be a door?

D) is referred to as a door.

Ill add a polll

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

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Forget a, everything is able to be a door.

Forget c, if nature somehow makes a door that works perfectly with noone designing it, we 100% gonna call it a door.

So it is either B or D, and another one i wanna add, is if it looks like a door?

if the unused doors dont obstruct something, then yes it does not count