Tell us about your familiars

In this thread you can tell us about your familiars (if you have familiars) you can also show the pictures of your familiars.

Note: all of my familiars are NFS

I’ll start

This is jelly
I bought him a few months ago from the pwe, I think I bought him for 21k bytes. This is the familiar I always have around. He is 1374 days old.

This is SneakyBunBun
This is my oldest familiar that I own, being 1396 days old, it was bought from the gem shop on the day the familiar update got released. I bought him from the pwe.

This familiar was purchased from the gem shop 1312 days ago, which was on the first day of the halloween update. I bought him from the pwe 2 days ago. It’s sad that it has an inappropirate name, so I can’t show it.

I have more familiars but these are the 3 main ones I own.

Your turn!


Raven birb

I bought this familiar via iap because I’m too tired to get my gems up to 50k + it takes long.

I never regretted buying it. In fact, after buying it. It acts like my lucky charm.

I’m trying to evolve it but the foods are too expensive so yes.

And he is a month old now.

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I am a familiar… :pensive:




I remember trying to make this kind of set and thought of a gemmy
familiar, I already had lots of bytes then suddenly in PWE there’s
an unnamed Gemmy for 3k BC, so yes I bought it, getting that was pretty lucky because unnamed pets like this are mostly nfs

I won this familiar from the vip daily spin and now I’m keeping him to remember I once won the grand prize

Bought this familiar using fishing gems just to name him for a video.

maybe i can help u get the foods

GrowtopiaWLS being suspecious :eyes:


No need for that, I can earn it myself. but thanks!

bought a minibot and havent fed him for 1300 days (its name is Botty not booty)

i’m not familiar with my familiar.

This is bottom of the barrel in terms of forum topics

Oh, why do you think so?

What wrong with this topic?

Me and my muggy :smiley: