Tell users when their ban can't be appealed

This one is quite simple and pretty reasonable - to prevent support mail that is like “Please unban me!!!1” on their deserved hacking ban, and to save the admins’ time with appeals.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER! → Please do NOT turn this thread into another drama post about how much threads about bans I have posted. This one is a genuine suggestion. If it bothers you that much, set my account to “Ignore”. If this post DOES turn into a drama thread, I’ll self-flag my post and have it deleted.


i agree with this, its easier to know whether to appeal or not.

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I’m not starting any drama or an argument here but there are cases when people are banned accidentally or for no reason so it’s just safer to tell everyone that they have a chance to appeal.

Well, that notice wouldn’t be present on appealable bans. Appealable ban examples are bans given out automatically, or bans for chat spam.

Unappealable bans can only be handed out by admins if clear, non-deniable evidence is found of violations of the rules.

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Even when they are given out by admins there is a tiny chance that there has been a misunderstanding and an admin didn’t 100% understand the situation. But if it’s a 150% clear extreme hacking, racism or something else bad then sure. Although after a few years those could be appealed as well since people can change. But that’s just my opinion.

Exactly my words, though for some reason, that mindset doesn’t apply to moderators and people in charge.

For example, this:

Good suggestion, Ondrashek06.

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The only time where I would understand an “unappealable” ban would be when the person has appealed their previous bans multiple times before but still hasn’t learned and continues doing whatever got them banned before.

Also that game has some really bad moderation.

What game has bad moderation?

Is that bloxburg.

Yeah lol, that is Bloxburg

The game you took the screenshot from.

welcome to ban topic number 89 (Jk)

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I mean, Bloxburg moderation is literally just 1 person and that is the owner of the game.
But yes. The owner cannot be contacted literally anywhere as their privacy settings are all set up to not allow DMs.

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Here comes bla bla bla bla about ban again. Same thing over and over. Indistinct differences between your threads.

If an admin bans you for ten years, I don’t think appeals are even accepted. Support may give you information regarding the ban though.


You do not dictate what others are allowed to do.
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Sounds like a pretty decent idea I rate 2 cookies out of 7 donuts!