Terrible advertise cheese

A slice of cheese is good for your health
It will be costly but no wallet can do
All you need to do is do what you do
Be good and buy a slice of cheese that will cheer your moods up a loop.

1 slice for 8.99$
10 slice for 899.99$
Only 1 purchase a day (limit up to 1 per customer)
Call : 12345671236151826182010283717361937372839877191103846274829.

I don’t like cheese :slightly_smiling_face:

on pizza is an exception

I’m in love with you

blue cheese is very good



Bulgarian white cheese is superior

laughs in boston accent american cheese is superior
american cheese

Coronary artery disease will f**k you up in thirty years.

Don’t care



Latvian butterlike is cheese is much better

white cheese is better in my opinion

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To everyone

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