Thanks everyone

I dont care if nobody reads this but I’m still going to say it

I’m quitting Pixel Worlds.
I’ve wanted to for a while and today seemed like a good day to. I announced it to my closest friend today and gave him all my items besides my main set and my main world. I then told another friend who asked if he could try my ss before I quit. He scammed it xD. I don’t really care at this point, its just funny. I know a few people from here, but I never really integreted myself into the community. Thanks for being so welcoming (Even Neoslayer, who I actually really like talking to now). I hope everyone enjoys the game, and I will still check my Pm’s here if anyone I know wants to talk.

Thanks guys,


I know it is hard to hang on to this community because the flow of life is too fast… I have exams everyday yet I return, it just won’t let go. Even I may have quit a long time ago if it wasn’t for the forums.
Life always teaches you things, but only when you do not expect it.
Good luck on your later-life! Always stay smiling even if it is the end of the world. Even in the most dire situations, have a high head.
I’ve raised so many controversial issues which sometimes, to me, don’t even make sense why I do it. Around last week, in the Pixel Worlds Discord Server Gem calculator thingamabob, I was an eye witness to a very serious matter in my book.
Somebody started posting sexualized content,
But that’s not a big problem right?
There was a moderator, CASUALLY talking to him.
THAT is a serious issue. The server got a new rule to not make drama over anything. Then that guy aroused again to post s#$@ about Pixel worlds again. He got demoted nonetheless.
Just, fight for what YOU think is right.
No matter how insane it may seem.
You will be one and only.
No matter how bad the situation is, you can always stand up for yourself.
I’m not a very bold guy to be honest,
I raised up in the class, then my teacher asked me (because I am new) “What do you think of this class?”
In front of the WHOLE class I proceeded to say “Everybody is careless”
That may not seem much but the teacher applauded because I got a little in trouble because of that.

Fight for what you think is right.
Because no matter how jagged your path is,
It has to be this way.

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Cool when u want to say a single thing u write a long essay
Bruh just try to write shorter :confused:

Btw bye wafflelord
U have to guve me everything left on ur acc :slight_smile:

Man what a jerk friend, anyway cya, maybe you’ll come back during a better time :wave:


Adios man, hope ya the best

Bye waffle lord
u are a pretty good person for the past few months or year

hope you have a good day

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Just this about that

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I like how you made fun of someone being thoughtful before asking to have my stuff

Gave most of it away already


Why can I not?

We’ll miss you. Hope you had fun while playing and made good memories. :smiley:

Then this night im coming to ur dreams… :smiling_imp:

And I will stalk you in your dreams.