The 2 basic problems with PW

So today i chatted with a whole group of dormant players - here in Finland .

  1. They all (as do I) think everything is just way too expensive … Perhaps even beyond reach … Some might consider them lazy but they defo have a point

  2. Lack of something new / exciting to entice … to them the events are the same and played out… Again i get it… Although I’m enjoying them but I was not a hardcore player in previous years

In truth the massive hikes in values have just made the rich stupidly so 1-3 Mill is 10’s of Mill now… - how is that achievable from ground up??

The daily bonus of a few gems or BC has lost any buying value

Look at the price of a decent fishing rod or mining gear!

Devs i hope you are reading this !

Let’s hope the Halloween event bears out it’s promise