The ability to drop on another player's world

I don’t really get why we’re allowed to drop our items on other player’s world, it’s not really that necessary to be honest.

The only things that I could come up with on why we have the ability and what we use it for is to either transfer your items to your friends or to get rid of items. I mean, the trading system is created for a reason, the trash button and recycler is there for a reason. There is literally no benefit to this whatsoever. It just makes no sense.

And I think if this were to be removed, it could also prevent new players from playing drop games and could lessen the mods’ work.

What do you think? Is it really necessary? Should the devs remove it? Why or why not?

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this.

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While yes, it would lessen the mods’ work and it would avoid scams I think getting scammed in a drop game is something that helps you learn as a new player to not trust people.

I don’t even understand why someone, despite how new they are, would ever fall for a drop game. Imagine if in real life a complete stranger told you to put your personal belongings on a table and to take your hands off of them. I don’t think anyone would do that.


But it does give us freedom. So it is our choice whether to drop or not.
I feel that if this is implemented it would make the game more restricted, which can also not be a good thing. If the players get scammed, then lesson learned. They shouldn’t fall for the same trick twice.

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And what exactly are you going to do with this free choice of dropping?

Like I said:

You have a good point. Unfortunately though, most of the new players are still falling for it base on what I could see from the gms and new people reporting on PW’s discord.

People are naive, they think that just because it’s a game, they think that they won’t get scammed by other players. Another reason, is PW’s player base are mostly kids so I don’t think that they would be aware and would fall for it easily.

Yes. Trading system, trash button and recyclers are there for a reason, but have you ever thought that if you dropped something and in the near future you could actually make use of it?

Access is needed for dropping is the real answer to this. :white_check_mark:


trading is a lot slower than dropping. it would be annoying having to do a trade every time i want to give someone an item/block such as soil.

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What do you mean by this? I think you might have misunderstoond what I’m trying to say here. I’m talking about “the ability on dropping on another player’s world” not the whole dropping system itself.

This seems like a good idea… but pointless at the same time.

For me its to make thing faster by dropping items

Well alot of pw player are a kid and non english speaker so they dont really know what are they doing

Bro, how is it pointless? Your idea is to remove the whole dropping system from other worlds :smiley:

Well yeah, I mean… the idea of accessing a player just to allow them to drop is quite useless to be honest. Why would you even access someone to drop for? Transferring items faster…? There’s trading system. From what I believe giving players access takes longer than trade so why would you even want it to be implemented?

it took 5-10 sec to transfer item through trading

Then you might aswell do trading instead. If it only takes up about 5-10 seconds to trade, then going near a wl to give someone access just for them to drop and transfer their items to you might take longer, you would have to hold the items too in order to drop it. While trade has 4 slots you could also transfer 4 items at the same and I believe it’s more faster that way.