The best fish(regularly fish)

Hey, im using titan super and i wanted to know which fish is the best for selling. I tried seaangler with gear but it took ages and when i fished carps it went really fast.
Hope for an answer and thank you

Ok so basically, every fisher has to choose his own preferred rod.

TIP: Always remember to never choose the titanium fishing gears to be used for bamboo rods, always balance it out cuz sometimes high level gears is not so very effective for low level gears. Remember to also never use and of the spinner lures like Green spinner or Yellow spinner

If you have a superior bamboo rod + good suitable gears for bamboo (toga, net, whistle, pegleg, and fish hats) then I recommend you to fish for butterfly/goldfish/herring/kingfish. Fishing this will give you fast strike and a non boring fishing session. also remember that you’re using the bamboo rod, take advantage of it because the bamboo rod has the fastest strike rate % out of all rods. Remember to always use the cheapest lures for bamboo

This one is basically the same as bamboo, I don’t recommend buying a superior one. Just stick to bamboo until you can earn a carbon superior.

This is personally my favorite rod because the strike speed is high and can also manage to catch high quality fish like tuna/sea angler. For this rod, I recommend you to fish any fish that you want. Also, don’t forget to switch up your gears and stick to the pro fishing set because what we now need is fast strike because your rod can handle strong fishes. I recommend you to use cheap lures because it will still won’t affect your strike %.

This is the rod that I don’t recommend anyone to use, this rod is only good for catching the best and strongest fish such as tuna, sea angler, crab. This rod will take longer to strike if you don’t use expensive lures that’s why I don’t recommend it. but if you really want to use titanium superior then fish for the longest strike fishes like sea angler, tuna, and carp.

Best fishing worlds (Not promoted btw, my own opinion only)
Tuna - TUNA
Goldfish/butterfly - GOLDFISH
Sea angler - GJ, NEO
Herring/kingfish - HERRING


When I use sup titan, I use green jerks and red jerks.

Anglers may take longer but when you look at the gems they give, it’s much more worth it. That’s why fishing anglers is basically the fishing meta lol.

Tuna on the other hand is real hit or miss but I’ve never NOT profited from fishing them.


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i would recommend the rod CSUP as it is good for fishing all types of fish and you can also use common lures

you can fish any fish with CSUP (Carbon rod Superior) but i would recommend goldfish or butterfly cause it has fast strike and good gems