The best possible Fishing World

So, I am the owner of a world called FISCH (it means fish in German) for quite a while now, but never built anything inside. Due to it’s name, I am thinking about making it a fishing world for every type of fish.
I also own the world HERKING, which I am thinking about making into a fishing world for Herring and Kingfish.

Now, I am aware that there are tons of fishing worlds out there and that most of them aren’t too different. I also noticed that fish type specific fishing worlds are becoming more popular.

This is why I would like to know what you guys expect from both general fishing worlds and fish type specific fishing worlds.

I am looking to innovate and do something new, that will make players interested in my 2 worlds.

If you have any additional ideas that could be added to a fishing world, please also tell me.

Here are some polls about fishing worlds:

What’s most important to you in a fishing world?
  • World Design
  • Strike Frequency
  • Strike Accuracy
  • World Name
  • Many Players

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Which type of fishing world to you prefer?
  • Fish type specific
  • All types of fish

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Which of these things does a fishing world need?
  • Rod Upgrade Station
  • PWE
  • Fish Barrel
  • Replicator
  • Lure Shop
  • Fishing Scoreboard
  • Bank Bot
  • Item Price Info

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What type of “link” to other worlds are you okay with?
  • None at all
  • Normal Portal
  • Easy to accidentally use Normal Portal
  • Vortex Portal
  • Easy to accidentally step into Vortex Portal

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How much would you pay to have a private silent area in a Fishing World?
  • I wouldn’t pay for such thing
  • 1-5Wls for permanent access
  • 1-5Wls per month
  • 1-5Wls per week
  • 1-5Wls per day
  • 5+Wls per day

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Would you prefer a Fishing World that’s using Wiring over one that doesn’t?
  • No, I don’t care about that
  • No, I prefer it without Wiring
  • Only if the Wiring consist of non, distracting lighting (such as lamps going on or off from time to time, or a slow “display” showing the world name for example)
  • As much Wiring as possible! Even if it causes noise or could be distracting.

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Thank you very much for taking your time to read through all of this and maybe also filling out the polls. :smiley:

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Wait why the hell am I voting I don’t fish at all

Strike Frequency and Strike Accuracy are both important for a fishing world. That’s what is essential for all fishing spots…

why am i getting slow strike i had (almost) strike frequency all fish world saying “VERY FAST STRIKE / FAST STRIKE” is a lie :frowning:

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It is a LIE of course!

The owner tricks you into thinking that the world is fast, and you ended up believing in him/her.

There are no such things as “Fast Strike Angler Worlds” or “100% accurate fishing worlds”, every world is imperfect, one way or another. IT IS WHAT IT IS

This is why you never trust fishing worlds in the Ham Radio…

It is I, Prinzessin der Verurteilung, Fischl

Thank you all for voting so far!

a typical tourist trap

(20 chracter aaaaaa)