The best set for mining

I know there is already a lot of topic that is same as mine but im trying to find out the best set for mining which give me more profit, and necessary one not the fancy one. any experienced miner that can help me ? just tell me the best mining set, no max budget. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Epic pick + Sturdy mine helm + miner gas mask + exca goggles

  • any good armor + excavator gloves + pendant of brightness + any wyvern + any good leggings + excavator shoes
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may i know what can the wyvern do? and are all the items that you listed necessary for lvl 3 mine?

Wyvern gives a little extra light
Level 3 you don’t need much
Sturdy and excavator gloves + heavy> pickaxe is enough

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thanks a lot ! and im wondering if using fob is necessary when mining xD

so i already bought the mining set

Epic pickaxe,golden mining helmet,exc glasses,miner gas mask,pendant something,paladins armor,naval officer pants,exca gloves,exca boots. What do you think? is it good enough for lvl 3 mine?

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