The best set posh theme

so today when i was voting for the best set i was very disapointed only 3 out of the 50 sets i saw actually matched the posh theme

here is one and he doesnt even match that well.

this was nice but mostly it was just random sets are people just ignoring the theme?


People are 100% ignoring the theme, I saw barely any sets that actually fit the theme today, maybe 4 at a maximum. There should be some way of skipping votes, or sets that don’t match the theme should be removed.

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The very last image. Do you like the one on the right?

Personally, I’m not a fan of the hair, but I like it, as it fits the theme.

The hair looks weird?

yeah i do its not even thatttt good but it was the best that id seen to match posh theme

There isn’t many “elegant” items dude

Wait that was you lol?

Yeah lol
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Still the best imo

@Spycreed’s Set
Yes to be posh you need to have a mustache.


Not because it doesn’t fit the theme or anything, I just don’t like the hair as an item.

Georges: you mortal!