[THE BEST SET UPDATE] Questions for the new update

Hello everyone,
I’ve checked on the official youtube channel’s post and saw the new video already.
i have a question regarding for it.


  1. What if me and my opponent has the same set?
  2. What if people uses alts to vote on to get the random 10k gems?
  3. Will only pro win these kind of competition?
  4. What if someone is offering a wl to vote on their set?
  5. What if people kept on posting their set, keeps winning and got around 1m gems?
  6. is there some sorf of a report button?
  7. what if people uses their alts with the same set to get votes and win

My sad story about my set

i feel annoyed by it actually, it all started when ive bought my full chaos set in the pwe and quickly go to pixelmines. people noticed me and said, good set and pro set pls donate.
after a week of inactivity. ive seen alot of players copying my set already. commonly seen in PIXELMINES. just what if someone nomiated their set and copied exactly the same as me.

all i can say is, its a good update. im excited at all but im already thinking alot of its disadvantages – the reason why i posted this thread, any reply is appreciated.
not to mention, the voting sets kinda have similarity with the game talking tom with friends where you can vote people sets and the winner will get prizes.

  1. Well then you have the same set :smiley:
  2. There are so many players in the game that this is not even worth trying.
  3. Well the best set wins.
  4. There are so many players playing this feature that you would have to bribe so many players that it is not even close to be worth it.
  5. The theme changes each week so winning with the same set is very super unlikely
  6. No
  7. Not worth it because there are so many other players playing the game.

thanks for the feedbacks, this is making me want to try it.

Cute little update, nothing that game changing but I like it! The chances to win are so slight tho. Is there any reward if you get to second or third place? Also, I wish there was an achievement “Win Fashion Show X times”. Cool update tho!

Now that I think about it… It would be cool if every winner got an exclusive item only available by winning the fashion show, the item would change like every 90 days like the reward in Pixel Mines.