The best song in PW?

For me its easily Stalactites. You just can’t explain that feeling. When you’re in a world and you’re getting bombarded by ‘Donate!’ and abused by the hardened fists of energetic noobs. When you try and escape but they have you cornered so you have to crawl, slowly, in defeat until you reach your escape, the entrance portal. You weakly hit the orange exit button with every ounce of strenght from your aching muscles. You can hear tendons crack as you push with all your might and hope for the best. You reach that familiar favourite worlds screen and click on your base. It seems like minutes, hours even days pass before finally you spawn in that nostalgic refuge. You hear the sweet notes of Stalactites pick you up and embrace you, like a mother to her newborn child, and in that moment a sense of relief washes over your whole body and sweeps the pain and injuries away, like a great wave that in one mighty push obliterates your footsteps in the sand. You know that nothing can trouble you, as the subtle notes of Stalctites sweeps you away like the sweetest lullaby.

So yeah you could say I like it a bit.


I really like Stalactites too. Solitude and Blips in the Mind are also some good ones. And even then, there’s only one song I truly dislike: Jingle Bells. The other ones are all pretty nice either way.

solitude is best one for me


We need new songs. Something more mystery.

Noted down to “Things to play on Kaluub’s Birthday” :slightly_smiling_face:


Jetrace theme and the puzzle theme are my personal favourites. But for the world music I too agree that stalactites is pretty good.


Same. : D

Devs should truly make few songs.
Voting between songs what to be added, only 1 to added every 6 months or so.
Would make people to vote for their favorite songs.
(Possible to players to create songs for game contest) ?

Commander Ken, catchy and I don’t get tired of it

I’d say the Chill Out theme. It has a nice vibe. Problem is the audio quality in-game is poor, which is sad :frowning:

I made a remix of it too, I haven’t released it yet coz it’s not up to my standards

Solitude is also my favourite! It’s so chill and relaxing.
Although, I would like to have more playable songs for the worlds.

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I’m amazed that nobody mentioned this masterpiece


The best song in pw is the one that goes do do do do do dum dum do do do do

That one is my jam :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Wbijajcie na swiat terazpros

Stalactites supremacy

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What did you just said?

i am going to spike trap myself if i hear commander ken one last time

Personally, i like Pixelate. I’m a retro nerd but its tune gets me alot, it’s a bop to my prefereces when i would like to be in a good mood.

Stalactites is good too, i can sleep to that myself if i feel like it.

Same soiltude and summer reteage