The best way to earn exp

So theres alot of ways to earn exp but whats your favorite way to earn exp,personally for me its fishing cause you can earn alot of exp,so whats yours?

Best way would probably be farming spike bombs with flasks of breaking or an autofarm since it doesn’t take up that much time like the others, in my opinion.

Another great way that I know is doing the graffiti achievement. It gives you a total of 30k exp when finished and you also get the street artist set which is great.

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Oh interesting ill try that thanks

I get my xps by doing nethers. gives off many xps in just 6mins.

Does graffiti completion experience adds up to your EXP contribution to your guild/clan?

Never been in a clan but I guess it does…? Why wouldn’t it? It’s still exp.

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doing nether everyday got 1.5k exp every time i exit nether. took over 4 mins

No that enough for my clan requirement is 70k/day thats why i create this post so i can maximize my exp gaining

Secret Base is most likely the fastest with friends. It is the fastest way (finish in under 3 minutes), and give the same amount of XP as nether.

idk nether like gives 1.5k exp i think secret base give 2k exp or idk

I know that nether gives 1000-2500 xp.

I always go to netherworld whenever I need to get xp.

Around 1k XP, if you die 3-4 times. The main XP you get here is the Exit Bonus.

You can farm hundreds and hunreds of Spike Bombs while using Flask of Breaking, with that you’ll be able to earn EXP more than what your clan needed per day. I’d say you’ll get around 15,000-25,000 EXP per 999 spikebombs or a stack.