The best way to spend 1 pl

I have 1 pl and I don’t know what I can spend it on. Write your ideas and how you would act in your place. It will be interesting to read!

For me, in demand items (limited items) to gears is what I invest on currently.

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An interesting idea. I will do so if I don’t find any suggestions!

Surely people will soon, because some forumers here are asians :+1:

Buy up a ton of sun hammers then sell them later

hammer of summer also very good

Spend them all on lures

I usually do that… So a boring idea.

Hm… that can give really good profit to me!

Buy some Fishing or Mining gear then focus on that, collecting gems is the best way to earn Wls.

Aren’t you scare of hammer of summer suddenly get implemented back? Since it’s a summer item.

Ooh I’m doing that what a coincidence they rise from 6 to 10-12

no it would never, basic PW logic, Devs probably always consider the economy

That’s like saying aren’t u scared the devs might make dark pixie next vip item

Nah. I’m not afraid of this before when the game just came out. They already mentioned that it would not be added back