The Community Requested Features Update

Lately the game has turned super boring. Lets be honest, recycling Jetpack Joyride and producing it in Pixel Worlds isn’t exactly going to make some people super excited about playing, especially if you played Jetpack Joyride as a kid. Not exactly an original idea is it?

On the old forums there were a ton of super cool ideas that were never added, instead the devs are more interested in adding reskins and “one time use” updates instead of improving the good things we already have.

One of the things I suggested a long time ago to look at is improving the fashion in game. For example adding more clothing combinations and more features to existing clothes and items. For example for capes, we should realistically have the option to toggle hoods on and off or for things like the ski mask you should be able to wear glasses on top of it.

VIP items are supposed to be the coolest items in the game but a lot of them for example the earliest ones like Dark Pixies and Golden Shortsword have no effect at all. For Dark Pixies there should be at least a Glimmer- like effect but in purple, just something to make the item a bit more cool and special.

I’d love to hear your guys feedback or suggestions, so don’t hesitate to let me know below.

I played Jetpack Joyride a lot when I was younger, and I don’t think they’re that similar. All of the obstacles are different, your motive for playing is different, there’s a defined end, instead of it being endless, and you’re racing against other players. From what I can tell, it’s also supposed to be a side-thing, instead of the main thing you do when you play, otherwise they wouldn’t limit how many times you can play each day.

I can’t really comment on this, since we don’t have archives of the old forums to evidence this anymore, but they’ve took a step in the right direction with the community design competitions.

This seems like a natural evolution for the items in-game, I’d love to see this happen.

It really depends on if the owners of the items would like them to be modified, they’d have to gather feedback on it, but I don’t disagree with the idea.

Depends on your preferences. I’d rather the jet race update than an update dedicated to clothes. Majority of big updates (which you apparently don’t like) add many new clothing items to the game. If you can’t wear 2 specific items together, make a new set. There’s thousands of possible combinations, why settle on one that isn’t possible? Being able to toggle cape hoods is not necessary.

A lot of things aren’t necessary but are added anyway. Jet racing isn’t necessary either by that logic? As you can see I requested a Community Requested Features Update, not a purely clothing related update. Make sure you read more carefully in the future to avoid confusion.

A lot of the updates added are not interesting enough for people who have been playing since beta, such as myself. Out of all the big updates, the only good ones are Fishing, Nether and Mining. The others are fairly useless like Pets and Jet Racing.

And the problems solution isn’t adding more items, more features more things, its actually adding BETTER items/ updates that is the solution.

Not every update needs to be absolutely game-changing though, like mining. If there were no smaller updates, then there would be nothing interesting to do alongside the main updates.

I never said it has to be, what I’m saying is to add updates based on what the community needs rather than making updates just for the sake of it. Also, was mining that game- changing though? It just added a different way to earn gems, you could literally play the game normally without ever having to mine like me for example.

I’d like to see improvement of Jetrace and PvP update.
Admins prob trying to balance the update so it won’t only benefit one side and enjoyable by everyone even new players.

We already have this. Every August? I believe. The top requests which are possible, are added.

Nothing in game is necessary. However, I’m 100% positive that people respond better to big feature updates that can be enjoyed for potential ever. Small changes to some clothes only benefits a very tiny portion of the community. Most people don’t suffer this problem you’re describing. Updates are usually designed to try and keep everyone happy by adding something the majority of players will enjoy.

That’s your opinion. If you don’t like them, nobody is forcing you to play pw. You’ve been playing since beta, perhaps you should take a break? No wonder you’ve grown sick of the updates.

These minor problems aren’t new. Frost capes could never be toggled to have the hood removed, why request it now? Especially since right now at this moment in time there’s probably x10 as many clothing items as in 2016. Doesn’t make sense to complain about something which can easily be bypassed. If you want to wear one item with another and it isn’t possible, there’s plenty of substitutes which will work.

What exactly would you like to wear and with what? I’m sure there’s no problem with finding a nice alternative.

It does heavily affect the economy however, giving players a completely new, and efficient way to earn gems, one of the main currencies, is game changing. Just because you’re not mining, doesn’t mean a lot of other people aren’t. Also, it made the Nether even more useless than it was compared to fishing before. They could definitely give us more updates that we need though, such as a quality-of-life update.

Well it has to be. A lot of the updates that they added seem half finished. PVP had a lot of potential and it disappointed. They need to add PVP competitions, world rankings, prizes, titles and such. A lot of work needs to be done on it.

Not wrong there, PvP definitely needs some more work.

I have quit though, for months and sometimes for periods of a year or more. I am suggesting a way for the developers to bring back those like me who have left the game due to uninteresting and useless updates. If you are happy with the game, there is no reason to reply to this thread, this thread was specifically made to discuss how to improve the game and bring back interest for people who are in the same boat as me. I am offering suggestions and constructive criticism to the developers and asking for peoples opinions who feel the same as me. If you are satisfied with the game and the current updates, by all means go and make a thread on how good the game is, but there is no reason for you to reply here.

? Of course there is. If people see threads like this with only supportive messages, admins get the wrong idea and think it’s something everyone wants.

This is a very strong opinion regarding the game. Sincerely doubt that such a small change will completely change your opinion. I hate to say it, but looks as though you shouldn’t play pw. If you really, really, really hate the updates that much, it’s fair to assume you dislike pw in general. Maybe try Growtopia? It’s pretty similar and has the advantage of age so they have more time to work on smaller features rather than bigger projects.

Oh silly me, I guess improving the game and features we already have and adding community requested items is something some people don’t want.

No actually, adding Community requested items and updates will completely change my opinion on the game. You’re not me so you can’t assume what will/ will not change my opinion. As for the Growtopia comment, I’m going to ignore it as its just a stupid way you’re trying to be funny and completely has nothing to do with what I’m trying to do here.

Don’t bother replying here again, as I certainly won’t bother replying or reading your future messages.

We’ve already had 2-3 of these updates, and you’ve previously called the pets update stupid. The pets update was one of our August Community Requested Updates.

? I’m not trying to be funny. It was a game recommendation since it’s very close to pw and has more of the aspects you want.

Improving the game can be achieved in more ways than this. Perhaps in a couple of years, this could be a potential update, but not right now.

Big disagree, old items should not be touched in any way whatsoever, not all items need to have effects to be cool, not to mention the immense shift in the economy something like that would create

Wasn’t everyone complaining about the fact that drake blades didn’t have any effect? Items having effects is something that’s been requested tons of times but as the old forums have been deleted you can’t look it up. For example, would Glimmer necklace be any cool if it didn’t have any effect? Nope. I don’t know if you own any of the so called old items like DP, GV or GSS, but as someone who has owned them all before, I actually would want them to have effects, as they are very dull otherwise.

No… the item having 0 effect and no sound actually added to the demand.

You’re acting like you don’t get items with effects nowadays.
I honestly don’t get your argument, those items have been released, they are in the past, done.
The only thing you can do is ask for cooler items in the future (which we get anyway).

My bad, I meant adding effects to VIP items, especially the beta ones is something that was requested a lot of times.