The Deep Abyss Update (Includes Music!)

Before we begin…
This is a big idea of mine for Pixel Worlds that I am certain might be a bit too farfetched or too unfitting for the theme of Pixel Worlds, so this will be more of a… “Fanmade Update” sort of thread.
However, the developers are free to take ideas from this, which is why I’m posting in this subforum.

Here is the concept music for The Deep Abyss (composed by me)

Welcome to the Deep Abyss Update
What is this update, exactly?
Well essentially, it adds a new dungeon with plenty of new items and monsters.
It will be a very challenging update geared towards seasoned fighters and those who are ready to take on a challenge harder than ever before.

Deep Abyss Lore

(I can’t guarantee this fits with PW’s canon lore, but here’s my lore for this idea nonetheless.)
The Deep Abyss is a forbidden dimension of terrors and nightmarish monsters. It’s located near the Deep Nether, but even the monsters of the Netherworld keep out of there, to stay away from the ruthless beasts within.
The souls of completely destroyed Pixelians (aka permabanned players) end up here, and take nighmarish forms as uncontrollable demons. Of course, rarely, some souls might escape during the Halloween season, becoming lost souls!
These nightmare demons don’t seem to bother eachother at all despite their ruthless nature, but any lifeforms from outside of The Deep Abyss get targeted and hunted down immediately.

Main Features

The Deep Abyss plays similarly to the Netherworld or Secret base.
You have to go alone through the randomly generated nightmare caves (sometimes featuring ruined structures and many traps), and collect 4 dream fragments (similarly to collecting keys in the Netherworld).
Once all 4 are collected, you must find the Abyssian Altar (similar to the exit gate). This will use the 4 fragments to “purify” that portion of The Deep Abyss, putting all undefeated monsters to rest and cleansing the nightmarish plague from the world itself.
Successful players are rewarded with Dream Essence.

Part I: Accessing The Deep Abyss

If you’re brave enough to go to this cursed land, you should be WELL prepared, because not only are the enemies here very tough, but you’re going by yourself, and you only get 3 lives.
You’ll need to consume a “Nightmare Key” in order to teleport to a random section of The Deep Abyss.
Since that place is technically “Forbidden”, no one sells the Nightmare Key… Except for the Nether Vendor of course… But it costs a pretty penny.
You have to find him in the Netherworld like usual. He’ll only sell the Nightmare Key if you’re at least level 50, and have played the Deep Nether at least 5 times.
The key itself costs 1 Nether Stone.

The key is tradeable of course, but you can’t actually use it unless you follow the criteria needed to buy the key.
It’s recommended to equip the absolute best armor and weapons you can afford, because the monsters here are no ordinary monsters.

Part II: Types Of Monsters

There are many terrifying and powerful monsters in this realm that are a lot different than what you might be used to.
On a normal trip to The Deep Abyss, you’ll likely encounter only a couple monsters per world, but these couple of monsters are always random.

Abyss Crawler

  • Description: Take an Abyss Walker, make them purple, make them much bigger, replace their sword with huge claws.
  • Attacks: The Abyss Crawler slowly paces back and forth on a set path until it sees a target. It will immediately dash towards the target and try and slash them with their huge claws (which do a ton of damage and has high knockback).

Void Phantom

  • Description: It’s sort of a floating eyeball surrounded by a ghastly purple fog.
  • Attacks: It floats around the world randomly (similarly to a Lost Soul from the Halloween Event), until a target is within 10 blocks of it.
    It will then start to follow and surround the player, occasionally coming in to attack. Hitting it while it charges at you will cause it to go back for a moment before trying again.

Skull Tower

  • Description: An enemy that does not move. It’s around 3 blocks tall, and looks like a stone pillar with a skull on the top, facing towards the camera.
  • Attacks: Once within range, the skull frequently fires homing purple fireballs at the player. The fireballs can be attacked and destroyed to avoid taking damage.
    Once the player hits the enemy enough times, it enters a second phase where the pillar part of it breaks, and skull begins to float around, now firing red fireballs that do not home in on the player. (Although they’re fired more frequently than before.)


  • Description: A pitch black pixelian with nothing but white dots for eyes.
  • Attacks: It appears at random, out of nowhere. It moves around and even punches like a pixelian would.
    Whatever player attacks it, the Doppelganger will copy their stats, having the same amount of damage and defense as the last player that attacked it. This could potentially make this enemy very hard.

Portal Heart

  • Description: An enemy that looks sort of like a purple portal. If you spot one in a world, there’s ALWAYS 1 other. (Meaning either 2 or 0 spawn in worlds.)
  • Attacks: It doesn’t directly attack you, but it will try and chase after you once you get into it’s range, and then it will automatically teleport you to the 2nd portal, much like how regular portal props work.
    They float around, but can’t go through walls, as to avoid getting the player stuck in blocks if they’re teleported.
    The second portal has a tendency to hang around traps or enemies while the first portal chases after you, giving you more of a chance of being teleported into danger or death. If you destroy one portal, the other becomes useless.

Dream Mimic

  • Description: An enemy that looks almost exactly like a Dream Fragment, but by looking closer, it has a slight difference in color.
  • Attacks: It floats there exactly like a Dream Fragment does, but upon going to “collect” it, it blows up, causing damage to the player.
    It can also be hit, but hitting it once will cause it to blow up, which may damage players that are too close.

The Ancient One

  • Description: A massive ghostlike monster made of eyeballs, horns, and black dripping blood.
  • Attacks: If this enemy exists in the world, no other enemies will, leaving only this one in the world.
    It floats around the world in search of a target, while emitting a creepy static humming noise. Once it finds a player, your screen will get all fuzzy and glitchy, and the music stops as it’s replaced with a more intense buzzing static noise.
    Once it finds you, you can’t escape. It’ll chase you down with pitch black nightmarish arms that come out of it’s body, and it will eat you, instantly killing you.
    You can’t fight this enemy, but dying, collecting a dream fragment, or completing The Deep Abyss will send them across the world to try and find you again.
Part III: Items And Rewards

Upon completing a world of The Deep Abyss, you will be rewarded with Dream Essence based on your performance.
Every enemy defeated adds 1 Dream Essence to your reward. Completing The Deep Abyss itself adds 5 DE to your reward. Completing it without taking any damage adds 15 DE to your reward.
Dream Essence is not tradeable with other players, but can be used at the Dream Altar which can be bought from the store for gems.
You can exchange Dream Essence, as well as some other things at the alter to buy new items or upgrade existing items into “Dream” or “Nightmare” versions.

All items you can get from the Dream Altar

Dream Shield
25 DE + Being in a Light Clan
A small shield made of dreams that defends against darkness and nightmares.

Nightmare Shield
25 DE + Being in a Dark Clan
A small shield made of nightmares that defends against lightness and dreams.

Purgatory Shield
25 DE + Not being in a clan
A small shield of unknown origin that provides defense.

Blade of Enlightenment
75 DE + Light Clan Sword
A blade forged with the hopes and dreams of aspiring heroes. Is an upgrade to Light Clan Sword. Deals light damage.

Blade of Hatred
75 DE + Darkness Clan Sword
A blade cursed with the hatred and fear of 100 tortured souls. Is an upgrade to Darkness Clan Sword. Deals dark damage.

Sword of Balance
100 DE + Light Clan Sword + Darkness Clan Sword
A powerful blade that wishes to bring ultimate balance to the universe. Is stronger than the above 2 swords. Deals light and dark damage.

Neon Core
25 DE + Red Glowstick + Blue Glowstick + Green Glowstick
A hand item that has a special neon hit effect when hitting blocks, players, or NPCs.

Plague Lance
50 DE + Noble Elf Lance
A corrupted lance plagued with a deadly otherworldly disease. Deals dark damage.

Glowing Scythe
65 DE + Throwable Axe
Small glowing throwable scythes. Deals light damage.

Naga Contact Lenses
75 DE + Snake Contact Lenses
Inverted colors of Snake Contact Lenses, meaning that you have all black eyes with yellow slit pupils.

Wraith Wings
100 DE + Pixie Wings
Corrupted, tattered, black pixie wings cursed with darkness.

Legion Wings
100 DE + Demon Wings
White batlike wings with light blue insides.

Prismatic Ring
150 DE + Goblin Ring + Frost Ring + Demon Ring + Rose Ring + Ocean Ring + Lemon Ring + Spectrum Necklace
A ring that when worn, makes you all shimmery animated rainbow colored.

Netherworld Orb
125 DE + Alien Orb Blueprint
Gives your world the same background as the Netherworld

Death Tribe Mask
130 DE + Tiki Mask Blueprint
A large mask that resembles a painted skull with feathers and horns on it.

130 DE + Glimmer Necklace Blueprint
A chest item that looks like a tiny black hole on your chest. It has a particle effect of purple particles appearing around you and then getting sucked into the black hole.

Antimatter Sword
135 DE + Flame Sword Blueprint
A crooked sword with black fog surrounding it.

Well, that’s about all my brain can squeeze out right now, but I hope you enjoyed!
I know like all of this would be wildly unbalanced or unfitting to PW, but like I said in the beginning of the post, it’s meant for fun, and is more just a fun concept idea rather than a serious suggestion.


This idea is great and the music is fire :o


THE MUSIC IS A BOP. (and coincidentally it stopped once i finished reading the last word in the thread).
And i love the ENTIRE update idea.
I really hope PW makes something similar to this, it would be an amazing twist, and i personally would love to see a new dungeon.

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Or what if it was a dungeon you could only access from within the netherworld, as an optional yet small chance to spawn :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dude, this update would make the Nether so much more useful.

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Great enemy suggestions! They’re all doable, but I’m not sure how well the movement for the Doppelganger would work.


Really like this suggestion! I am really hyped looking forward to it! Literally, I always wanted a more difficult nether which rewards you and has cool interesting new monsters and such.

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Yoooooooooooo What a cool idea! The music is FIREEE!!! Good job man!!


I wonder if there’s a way to bump threads without just saying “bump 20 charactersssss”

love this damn the song (late 3 months? or two)