The easter update (egg jet)

so it just released i just wonder how 2 players got the jet in (1 hour) and i confused hwo to get the bunny mechanic…it was very unfair if it was untradeable and only can be get from IAP…also the egg kinda cool tho. the one player say the mechanic are obtainable from the jet race and how do you get it even? (vampire are rlly added omg)

the bunny mechanic not in pwe…
the jet even not in pwe

(weee chick suit in 2x open lol)

  • why they add IAP bundle just 40k and 100 bunny mechanic (imma try at jetrace later)
  • is the bunny mechanic and jet are tradeable but cannot be sell?
  • is the bunny mechanic thing can be get from jetrace?

Untradeable means item can’t be obtained in anyway through trading in pwe, or in worlds.

the jet tradeable
but it not in pwe

If jet is tradeable it could be in pwe, maybe it’s just bug then.

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Every item that is obtainable from IAP has been untradeable and every future bundle item will be untradeble as well. This is because selling tradeable items as IAP is forbidden in Apples ToS.