The extra eye potion

here is me trying to create a pathetic gif hope you like it :smile:

and what this magical potion would do

Animated GIF-downsized_large

i hope you like it you could earn this by mining you get it on average every 20000 blocks you break or something tell me if you have a better idea of how you would obtain it

justtttt in case the devs use it in game

I give all the rights of my item design to Kukouri Mobile Entertainment ltd. to use it as they please in their games/social media or in any other form of media.

you would have an extra eye for 30 minutes no abilities just looks cool

Also the animation would only happen when you use the potion not during the 30 minutes


I like it actually, but with no effects and whatsoever then I can prove it useless (unless ofc if you think it’s useful, you’d be the judge of that)

It should be obtainable in Halloween? That looks creppy!

Hmm how about you can zoom out a lot further?

Zooming for at least a bit more is acceptable since full world zoom is too op (moderator power)

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