"The First Dropgame"

Once upon a time, there was a player who wanted to try something new. He wanted to make his own sort of way to give free items to people, by making others compete through acts of wealth. All they had to do was drop the items in a small box, and whoever dropped the most expensive item wins.

It’s the most brilliant idea!
He told all of his friends, and those friends told their friends. They all enjoyed playing fun dropgames. So many fun rewards were given, all the time. It has become something everyone knows as the best and most fun way to get free things, and all it takes is to drop your items!

But then, over time, a cruel, uncaring monster among the players decided to take the dropped items instead of rewarding players. Nobody could believe it. Thievery? In such a wonderful community? Unfathomable!

But it doesn’t stop there. This idea spreads over to more people with the same corrupt personality. Some of them even want to exact revenge by performing their own scams to “earn” back what they’ve lost.
Eventually, people started seeing it as a way of profit, and thus began the downfall of dropgames.
Popularity only began to skyrocket further, the idea spread amongst other games, people were being robbed left and right, it was an everyday means of immoral profit, to the point where they had to outlaw the games all together. At this point, a dropgame is automatically declared as a scam. But that was not always the case. There are the people who want to bring it back to its former glory, but that doesn’t excuse breaking the rules to do so. There are plenty of other fun things to do that aren’t risking the well-being of other players.

And voila, a new era has arrived, the P2P era in Pixel Worlds. Some forms of it are gambling, and some would call the entire thing itself gambling. Paying owners a portion of your wealth to challenge the opponent, with the possibility of winning it big.
Something that isn’t too popular.
Something that most people believe is trusted.
Something that isn’t automatically declared as a scam by default.
Something that is run by anonymous humans, just like the former.
But in time, when people realize they can easily take advantage of the naive or ill-informed, there will be a time where this will be another case similar to dropgames.
I wonder how long it will take for people to open their eyes?


Quit virtue signaling. It’s been talked over multiple threads in this new forum

And? Am I not allowed to discuss it on the forums?
The fact that you use the word “virtue signaling” shows you’re only supporting something immoral. I’m not making a viewpoint on this, I’m sharing something that has happened as a fact. You assuming I’m trying to garner praise without doing anything doesn’t even make sense, because I do not have status, and if you think this is worthy of praise then that speaks for itself. It’s nothing more than an assumption made by you.

Signalling means credibly giving information that is difficult to prove just by saying it.
For something to actually be virtue signalling , rather than just showing off, it would need some sort of sacrifice, like a sacrifice of knowledge by pretending some obvious falsehood is true.

People Will NEVER stop making drop games since there is always New players that want to profit through this, u cant make 10yr old kids stop scamming, they dont realise what they are doing to other players that got scammed example 10pls from them, then they just want Even more and more wls till mods find Him and ban, and then,scammed players Will never get these wls back and quit pw.

Soo its quite sad how “a fun” group game that was fun to play at start, ended up as way to scam our good Community, and make Even more people quit, and now developement is thinking of removing drop-,trade feature because kids doesnt stop scamming. And Even If they Are removing it, people Will just make another “way” to scam others:(

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The people who’ve victimed by this scam will become the scammer.

I actually thought those players came from Grow… And actually taken it’s advantage to scam.

Good story!

What a discretely way to make a statement against Pay to Play.
Anyway, its “legality” should soon come to an end.

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The people who’ve victimed by this scam will become the scammer.

Exactly , I got scammed in 2017 by drop game , hosted , yet , never scammed.
I still wonder why.

Drop games are a part of pixelworlds culture.


I guess its called balancing. Everyone can’t just be nice, just like in movies, there’s the bad guys and the good guys.

On the other hand, it all interconnects. One day, P2P will just be similar to Drop Game just like what you’ve said. Owners/Hosts will just easily accept the payment then boom the person will just get banned.