[!] The Fraud

My friend told me on how to get many byte coins and the secret of it is

Log in to another new account
Complete the tutorial
Finish off those task that gives you gems
Buy asp or bait
Free bytecoin

Is the player doing this getting banned permanently?, I unfriended him after because checking my friend hosting a drop game after we talked…

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this method will give u barely any bc and gems other ways are better

To be honest, I don’t think this is such a “big thing”. The developers are aware of this, and the rewards of the tutorial and some achievements have been reduced multiple times, in order to prevent players from abusing it.

However, since the rewards are kind of low, I doubt that a player will spend so much time on creating so many new accounts in order to gain a few gems or bytes from doing this.

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My exfriend gained 5k bc per day by it, which is literally unfair for me.
but since the developers is already aware of this then ok then.

That’s more than I thought but it depends how much time per day 5 k in an hour or 5k in 5 hours

He never told me afterwards because he hosted a drop game, but as he said. He gets 2k-5kPer day, somehow it’s making me jealous.

But like how many hours

If he got 5k byte coins in a day by doing that he must’ve done it for hours lol. It’s not something I would personally do, honestly. Fishing my way through it gets me more profit. Or mining… or anything else really. Creating 100 new accounts is a real pain…


I give 4 Examples how to earn in day more than 5k bc.

    • buy cheap bonus roll items and sell after gone off when price is rising.
    • playing Nether (20-30 times/day 5 mins average time with team), 20x40 = 800-1200 nether crystals
      average in this time get 100 nether souls + gems 450-600 gems / time 525x25 =31k gems (turn bcs 1k /120) 3720 bc+ 1300 from Nether Crystals = 5020 bc + Snails&pebbles 200 bc (income for 3h work 5220 bc)
  1. Breakig SB u can make with spending 3h breaking Spikebombs 22 min (2200 blocks), 2200blocks give average 3 gems each = 6600 gems (22mins), 10 times for 3 hours perioid 66 000 gems.
    same value 1k / 120 bc = 7920 + Seed bonus (1,2k for this amount of blocks to breaken 800 bc) + pouches , snails , pebbles (300bc) = 9020 bc for 3 h perioid.
  2. Make BSP or ASP or Lure Shop this requires u have good prices and being present 3h-5h / day. Depends on ur style and possible connected to fishing worlds. Ham radio helps a lot.

*Reason why Nether value is higher than Gems originally price due its fastest way to get collect gems achievement.

or you can actually easily earn 20wls in 3 hours by mining and thats easily you can earn 60 wls in 3 hours with pro mining set

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Trust me…as someone who has many alts…it’s not worth the effort XD

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Ye same, there never is much profit of having many alt accounts(unless fishing obv and ofc).

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Alts are always worthy in game.