The ideology of Pixel Worlds

This thread is not meant to be taken seriously, I’m writing it as an excuse to not go to sleep.

First of all, Pixel Worlds most closely represents a monarchy, but it also has features of other ideologies.
Why, you might ask? Because the developers have supreme power over everything, from updates to banning players to introducing new currency. The developers are literally emperors, while senior moderators (who are often more respected) are high kings and regular moderators are kings.

Why are developers emperors and moderators kings? Because an emperor is leading an entire empire, while kings can be assigned to specific regions of that empire (the game, the forum, the discord, the wiki and the stream).

Second of all, monarchies are authoritan and Pixel Worlds is an authoritan game, with it’s strictly enforced rules and punishments for scamming, gambling and hacking. Also, in a monarchy there of course exists the bourgeoisie, represented by rich “pro” players, meanwhile the beginners or the “noobs” are the peasants who might sometimes work in the favour of the rich players (getting fooled into thinking they have a chance to win in a P2P world).

My third point are taxes. Everytime you put something up for sale in a PWE you pay a deposit (which is returned if you sell it, similar to tax reliefs in capitalism) and a provision fee, which at first might seem like it just disappears, when in reality the government (the developers) give back the bytecoin fees when you do work for them, most notably in the form of quests. Also, while on the topic of bytecoins and PWE, bytecoins are literally the only official Pixel Worlds currency, World Locks were used as a currency merely because we had no other item to use as a currency and most people just assumed the role of World Locks to be the same as in Growtopia, yet the developers are allowing the use of World Locks (unofficial currency) and are also allowing the price of Bytecoins and other items to fluctuate (proof of a free market).

My final point is that Pixel Worlds is a… good example of a society, especially a good example of a virtual society, since it just works.

If you bothered to read all of my non-sense, congrats. Now, please go for a walk (as long as you’re not in quarantine) to freshen up your mind and to stop staring at a screen.


I consider that my summary of the PW society does not violate this rule:
“Do not post any content relating to religion, politics or socioeconomic issues. Those are all important subjects but this forum is not the place for those.”
,since this thread was just a fun idea of mine about the economics and ideologies of pixel worlds and I didn’t use any concrete real world examples or comparisions. If it does violate that rule, I have no problem in it getting deleted.

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This is better than any history essay i have ever made


I thought the game was a republican (without any politics) but nvm.
The Kings should be the Admins, and the Moderators for King’s Right hand.

Good story.