The manipulation 😩

y’know , most of the time it existed , milk costed 5.000 byte coins [STABLE]
then some guy was like
SELL MILK 100K BC (global messaged 10+ times)
he ended up selling it for 80.000 byte coins
and now another guy took advantage of that and he kept rising and keeping price manipulated
now people buy it for 150.000 byte coins and think it is normal
some people are even hoarding it :skull:
why does this community adjust to the prices without even looking into them ?
next thing will know gems will be 10 bc / gem


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Community is the one that controls the price.

1 person sending 20 gms making others think thats the normal price is not what you could call “community”

The communitii decides “wait, he’s serious? if that’s the price, i will sell too for that price! or maybe cheaper!”

That’s the communitii, if people ignored those gm’s, those people will NEVER be able to sell an item for a ridiculous price :wink:

Community is player. Player is community.
Makes sense right?