The new bundle items

What do you guys think about the new Christmas bundles in the store right now?

I personally much prefer the Frozen Flame Mask to the Flaming Mask

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I fairly will say that it’s not fair :frowning:
Now people will buy the turbo sleigh and leave the sjp.

Why is it that after confirming the purchase, the bundles were suddenly gone from the shop. I didn’t get the turbo sleigh and gems, it just took my money. sorry I’m new here, how to contact support? would I get my money back? I have a screenshot of the purchase

Send the recipt and all details to the support email: There they can help you with this issue.

thank you, I’ll do that

They definitely look cool. :snowflake:

I still don’t have it, but it says it like this.

The receipt of purchase details should have been sent to your email, contact support telling them your problem and show them the receipt.