The new items BT 2021

Show off the new items in bt that you got.

Well… i didn’t got that much in the blacktower…

I just only got these acid bubbles and the new blade of turok


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Wasn’t there a vote on Twitter and the vote that won was you get a blueprint from the nether or Smith Luke that?

Nop, the vote was about where should the blade of turok should be and people voted for the nether vendor.

Here is the screenshot of my video where is showed the blade of turok that might gonna interest you.

is it limited or not?

I don’t think so…

Here is the description. (this never says “limited item”)

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I have all 376 legendaries from this year



It’s a bug

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o when will it be fixed?

Time will tell…

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i got that news nosferatu mask, i was wrong when i said it’s ugly, i love it