The purpose of BC shop?

I do not watch streams due to… my reasons, so I do not know what was the purpose of the BC shop.

I mean, doesn’t the PWE exist? PWE literally exists to buy anything you want, as long as someone is selling it and it isn’t restricted.

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Well… it’s a feature to add items that you would like to get and nobody sell it

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For example you want a block from booster , but there is no sellers in pwe and you dont wanna waste your gems on booster just to get 1-5 of that block when u need 100. You can ask jake to add that into bytecoin store so u can buy as much as u want


Isn’t it faster to ask someone who has it than ask jake (you can ONLY ask him once a week) though?

Exactly, and this is also to add items that don’t fit in any booster packs.

Takes these items for example.

maybe, but its not the only purpose so its a good addition to the game imo

Id rather ask jake to add a block and wait a few days than buy a single pirate block on the pwe for 1000 bytes

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Still, he might not add it at all. You know how it goes with suggestions.

Also, stop attributing EVERYTHING to Jake. There are more admins. Dev, EndlesS…

But jake is the one who adds the blocks to the byte shop?

Why would I say dev if hes not the one doing it?

He’s a community manager, why is a community manager adding items to shops? Shouldn’t a programmer do that?

He added all of these items during the live stream

Hes gonna be the one who will add the items because the community talks to him
Dev wouldnt know what to add because he doesnt interact with the community as much as Jake

As far as i know, Jake is also a developer of the game.

You can’t ask jake to do it only once a week, we have forums and instagram aswell.

Well, you know how does it go with Jake and the forums. Sometimes, he posts a comment on a few threads and then he goes silent for a bit again. The last of my threads he commented on was this:

But… of course if a thread mentions him and sensitive information, he’s gonna check it out to see if he hasn’t been doxxed.

We still have instagram though which he does check out daily.

I do not want an Instagram account.

too bad :man_shrugging:

Well mainly it is to add items that don’t fit anywhere else and also make special deals of other items. It makes the game feel much more active and it gives players a way to influence the game itself.
It also gives more purpose to Bytecoins and validates that as a currency. You actually have use for them.


Isn’t the “use for them” literally the entire PWE?

They cant really add them to the pwe can they