The PW youtube channel now be like:

Seriously though, where is the content that used to be posted there?
It’s kinda getting boring watching the same TWO reading support messages videos, and I have watched the entire banning scammers series at least 2 times now (except #3, in that one there were moderators instead of Jake so it wasn’t that funny).

Where is the fresh content? All there is now is “hooray, PW card game”.


All the content is in heaven

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The content is taking a summer break.

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Gucci Pucci (20 yea lol)

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Ever since Jake moved streams to Twitch, the PW YouTube channel became a barren wasteland. I don’t even wanna make a Twitch account because that means one more Internet account I have to manage!

Also serious question ondrashek, why do you compare everything to roblox and the mii whatever?
I don’t find it annoying like others I’m just curious lol

I think you can WATCH the streams without an account, you just cannot chat?

Huh, never thought about that before

You can 100%

What do you mean by “manage”?

My account is in exact same condition since when i made it.

Tbh, I rather watch Jake stream on YouTube more than in twitch.

He prefers to shoot a real quick video with improvisation as we once saw on the live stream as it does not take as much time.