The Rainbow That Destroyed The Planet (Poem)

Paint, I say!

You planet of artists with vibrant palettes of destruction, paint!

Paint with the fine brush of carnage!

Look at your canvas, once clean and beautiful.

Feel pride, artists. Your work will stand the tests of time.

For your children will know what you have done, and will their children.

Viewers will gawk, weep, and shout.

Never has a work of art inspired such emotion.

But the line between fame and infamy is a fine one.

So look upon your work, artists.

Your arsenal of colors is most impressive.

Reds like the blood of species quelled for your scarves and coats.

Oranges like your fires that ravaged ecosystems and decimated populations.

Yellows like the symbols on your fantastic weapons, capable of annihilating entire land masses.

Greens like the fields and forests you depleted to expand pointless empires and the wallets of the few.

Blues like the once beautiful oceans you filled with your garbage and skies you filled with your smog.

Purples like the flowers that once covered plains and sustained countless insects.

Yes, yes.

You have truly painted a spectacular picture.

One that is in the true imagine of man.
Are you proud, artists?

Of your rainbow that destroyed the planet?

What will you paint now that all your palettes contain are hues of brown and black and gray?

~ Celli (LittleItaly)


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Whoa thats deep

In poetry, the poets may use symbolism as a way to deliver messages to the reader, this can be seen prominently in “Paint, I say” by Celli(LittleItaly) the writer uses symbolism to express the destruction mankind has caused to the environment, and the threat it poses to itself. LittleItaly does this through symbolism of the colours, with each colour representing a way mankind has harmed itself. The writer shows the actions of humans as though it is an artist, painting a picture, the writer uses this symbol to show how mankind had ruined art by only being able to paint in brown, black and grey.

The colours are an effective way of showing the writers thoughts and feelings about mankind. At the start, the artist had “vibrant palettes of destruction” to paint with, this description of the colours being “destructive” gives a hint on what is coming in the poem.

“Look at your canvas, once clean and beautiful.” The poet uses the canvas as an allusion to planet Earth, being “once clean and beautiful.” and the artist as humans “Feel pride, artists. Your work will stand the tests of time.” as putting paint on a canvas is permanent, so is anything humans do to the Earth is, the message of this is to be a warning to mankind that it should be careful of what they do to the Earth, as it will be permanent, with “your children will know what you have done, and will their children.” putting pressure on humans to paint the picture well, as it would be remembered for a long time.

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