The real Siethy

Ok so someone has stolen my username from the game and has been bragging here i just wanna clear this all up i am the real siethy …and i can prove it :slight_smile:

a screenshot of today

How can we sure your not the Slethy making another alternate account to hid his past.

I’m seeing a lot of suspecion…


only the real siethy can have these screenshots

I haven’t met you so I might be wrong too. Let’s just see the forumers reaction later.

If your the real otherwise, the impersonator @Fake-Siethy is basically someone who wants to mess up with you? But why?

if you are the real one. Then it really sucks that someone impersonated you and messed with your repuation on the forums :slightly_frowning_face:

it dosent matter i have the proof that its not me and everone will now know the truth :slight_smile:

Here is my request, try screenshoting or even better. Record it with no edit. And tell it yourself I am Sierthy80.

thats world salvaged i am in it now

Ok that is acceptable, this might be a reason why the fake siethy didn’t showed any proof on the thread “The richest players in game”

Impersonating is illegal, just report > @Fake-Siethy

oof i feel bad for you I think the other siethy account could get banned for impersonating, I think it was against the TOS not sure though.

i cant figure out how to report him

just flag a reply he posted or DM a mod.

i was in the game and someone told me about this so i had to make an account

Press the button and if you see the flag icon, it’s the report icon. Press it and provide the details.

He probably wants to seek attention, you should definitely try to find out who was actually behind it. Or maybe someone hates you or just destroying up your reputation, rest assured. You are always welcome to the forums.