The state of this forum



most people aren’t actually complaining, just giving their opinion and being abit critic.

Dont mind me, im just here for the goof.

Yeah things get out of hand sometimes😅

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Nah, long discussions, differing opinions and debates are what forums were made for, not quick memes.
There’d be no discussion if everyone had the same opinion.


I don’t know most of the time, it’s just not healthy to archive every post you debate on.

what do people complain about this time

the state of this forum is spamming, validating scammers and people simping for the developers.

you’re just mad because you were objectively wrong in saying that scamfails are okay and you hate being wrong.

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This post was made before that, I don’t hate being wrong at all it’s just people have different views on something which is okay.

It’s fine to disagree on some idea, hopefully, you mature enough to understand that.

It’s fine to disagree on something .
it’s not fine to disagree on something when everyone and their mom consistently disproved you but you refuse to accept it regardless.

You simp for staff right? Here’s a screenshot from a mod:

He’s simping for staff? No, he said he thinks those content creators are doing it to fulfill financial problems and fix it, you can’t just assume it that fast

We all simp for staff in one way or another
I simp for endless
but he randomly unfollowed me and broke contact completely so me sad

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First, you said I defend scammer, now I’m simping to mods, what next I told you moon made out of cheese or the government controlling us?

The thing is I don’t care about the content, I care about the people behind it.

And still, I don’t think Scamfail is a scam at all, It a vigilante (not a right thing to do, but no bad as well) just like Batman beat the sh*t outta bad people, It’s hard to explain to cube minded person like you.

Ps: Who is Endless?

It’s basically scamming a scammer which is still scamming bro

EndlesS is the art department of the game

Doesn’t matter if you “think” a scam fail isn’t a scam, it’s factually a scam and your opinion around that is irrelevant.
Also the irony behind this is gold

It might illegal but you helping others in a weird way.

??? Eh, I don’t think illegal things help people, also scamming a scammer does not help anybody but yourself for scamming a scammer and taking his items

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All it’s doing is encouraging hundreds of other players to do the same thing, but for some reason you don’t care about all those potential scammers but instead you care about one scammer who has the 0.1% chance of needing to feed their family by… making youtube videos in an obscure sandbox game :rofl:

Scammer will stop after realized they got outplayed right?

No they just think, “Oh I’ll just scam it back”