The trolls here are out of hand

I’ve seen things today that I never needed to see. I thought the recent troll was some unfunny jokester but nah man, they really posted really bad stuff, images and such. I’d say thanks to the mods for getting to it, but they really could have gotten to it much earlier before it ever needed to happen. I’ve never criticized the mods, cause admittedly I’ve been friends with a couple and I’m a super fair and totally unbiased person and would never criticize a friend of mine, but nah, this is kinda insane.

I just came back to the forums after a break like a month or two ago but I’m just gonna be done. I don’t need to see any more bs from trolls. I often don’t care about trolls, sometimes I even tend to like trolling the trolls, but nah, that last one was kinda messed up.

Admins, I’d advise maybe finding a way to clear the website’s logs, images like that can get people in trouble.
Anyone who know what I’m talking about, maybe clear your cookies or something.


context: balls

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that wasn’t a troll, he was not aware of his actions.

What exactly do you mean by this.

But yeah this was going fine until he posted that certain image which was just way too far.

he was really young, he didn’t know what he was doing. He just wanted to insult and he didn’t realize how wrong it would be to send that image.

Was that image deleted or does it still exist?

Deleted don’t worry

Why do you need to know :thinking:

I missed them posting the image. Was it NSFW, gore or an insult?

It’s was basically a weird looking image, tbh i didn’t knew what this was exactly but i’m sure it’s was


did I miss something lol
didnt see any “balls”


Luckly the thread was deleted fast because i told Blackwight to tell other mods about it…

Also as someone said on that troll thread:

“The moderating on the forums is shameful none of the mods are active I suggest to make one of the already active forumers the moderator position.”

I agree with that but the thing for me is devs should make a mod application for forums because… jez… the moderation on the forums isn’t the best one and yea… if something happen here, we have to wait few days or even half a week before something is done… would be nice if we could get one or few mod(s) who is active here DAILY and check regulary the forums so if something happen, the issue can be solved within a day or an hour

Yea… just the fact that he was spamming non sense replies by his email was already something…



I’m glad I was asleep to miss whatever this was


I’ve got so many haters and trolls I could build an army. I’ve just learned to block them. A troll feeds off of attention so the only solution is to starve it

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