The Ultimate Deck - (Discard and Normal Hybrid)

The deck is used by EkipAli and I’m here just exposing it

Here’s it :

  1. Use the usual discard deck cards
  2. Use a strong Effect Card
  3. Make your opponent think you are using a discard deck, so he wastes his character cards
  4. When the opponent is impaired (Only a bit of cards left), attack now using your character cards and use the effect card
  5. You basically win ig

EkipAli: I just got exposed :frowning:

If he uses a deck like this just don’t place he probably don’t have 15 char cards

Or bring 2 discard 2 cards as well, then use it if u discard 2 char cards congrats u just won urself the game!

Well now I already know that he’s using that type of the deck, but I didn’t know at first, anyone could’ve fallen to the trap and play charac cards, which makes it a problem

Also I tried using Petrifying Gaze but that only gives me a slight chance to discard the discard cards

Petrifying gaze should focus on discard char cards

Tbh if you even discard 2 of his char cards he probably lose

I just got exposed :frowning:

I’m not sure about that :wink:

We are supposed to trick them into believing that so you can farm wins then I can farm you :woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face: