The update is disappointing

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Either the image is not loading or there is no image and the post is just spam.


it was probably just 2-3 people making the update, or maybe even just Jake.

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I mean it is, theres 4 people who worked on it and they didnt have a graphic designer so yea

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I like the new QoL features. Some recolors are also neat.

I do however think that the UI design really isn’t great. The respawn buttons look weird and the new world preset interface feels bland and empty.
I hope they will improve the UI of those new features.

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Jake hyped up this update too much. He made the “bug fixes, quality of life and goodies” sound like they were actually things everyone wanted, like unban, trade mute, last time online for friends, bug fixes,

but all we got was… Checkpoint respawn, and showing inventory space for PWE.

I thought Jake and the other devs would leave the game with a bang, but they left the game with a whimper.


Only 2 people worked on it…BBricks and Jake :sweat:

That’s why I really appreciate this update (even though I still think it’s a bit underwhelming) and it’s better to give them encouragement so new updates with new dev team will have community support too

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Even then world generation is just reused assets with different blocks


Even then respawn options show even if you don’t have a checkpoint


oh god


I have to kinda agree even though it’s more than that in coding it. Even though I very much enjoy the features, I agree it could be much better. I’m gonna hype meesa up for next months :sweat_smile: