The World @BOTH and the other worlds connected to it should be confiscated

The world BOTH is a famous (in a bad way) world. It is a common use for pranking people. Because there is a fan towards a vortex that leads to another world, and it just keeps doing that until you are back to the world BOTH. Another reason why it is bad mainly targets the people playing on mobile. Because on PC, you can just close it and come back. But on mobile, you are going to have to wait a long time until pw reloads (because in my experience, when I exit it and come back, it still logs me in there so it is still not closed).

So the main point of this it should be confiscated. The devs have the right to break, activate, lock etc. a world even though they do not own it so it should be easy that they can deactivate the fan by moving towards it while breaking/deactivating. It is really annoying players and whoever sets a portal to it can be considered a bully. What are your thoughts? And any idea why it is not confiscated yet?


There are alot of worlds that has this, some even make you crash.
The ones that are annoying are the ones that are GMed on.
I don’t think it’s a good idea to keep making restrictions such as this.

why (20 characters)…

alternatively, developers could have listened to the many suggestions that provide solutions to this problems. e.g. can’t be pushed/hit on entrance portal.


You literally solved a problem


(20 characters asdasd)

But all of the troll portal worlds have very good names and can be sold

Suprisecarb, Noted, and Both is a fun way to prank people, I’m playing on mobile and all I need to exit quickly, maybe this harder for others but for me nope, I just laugh and feel dumb then quit.

when both is confiscated people just make new world example BOTH2

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Not that big of a deal, learn to have fun in games.


It’s not bullying, they’re just having fun… Just like smile said

Also, everyone should know to never go to BOTH. and to add this:

I doubt you never pranked someone before.

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why not be like gt? no punched effect nor any effect on spawn door. problem solved.

Good thing I am able to enter both and leave immediately. (On mobile)
Also the owner hooked me up and let have have the ability to enter the world unharmed. It’s perfect for global messaging

Its a piece of the pw history so no I think we should keep it as a core memory, who is the owner of both anyway