Theory 2: Jake pickle

Do you know jake is a pickle?
Well its a theory A pw Theory.
As all we known PW has a limited familiar.
Ninja Pickle.
Say, Jake got hes own items one of hes items called Jakes katana thingy. (Not included the thingy)
Ninja Well we all know for sure ninjas use katana…
Now days jake never use hes katana thing on hes back.
Jake ever used shogun katana which related to a ninja.
I ever ask jake in my dreams. Jake do you like pickles? He said no. Its obvious that pickle doesn’t eat another pickle.
Its all clear JAKE is a pickle. And half of its name is related to pickle JAKE =KE = picKlE.
As we may heard PW studio/kukouri studio is at Finland if you take the L on Finland and pit K and E its arleady half of the word pickle.

more dumb theory coming soon


i have lost all my braincells reading this and this part,

got me confused the most

I feel like you’re trolling

We do a little trolling