Theory: When the game shuts down, how will it go?

I imagine it will be this:

  • On a random day, when you open PW, you’ll be presented with the news tab flashing “Important Announcement”.
  • There, you find a post called “PW Shutdown Notice”.
  • It will read as follows:

We’ve unfortunately decided that Pixel Worlds needs to go.

The game will shutdown at DDth MM YYYY. If you try to log in after that date, you’ll be presented with a message stating the servers are offline.

We’ll be shutting down certain features of the game to prepare for the full shutdown:

  • After DD/MM/YYYY, new accounts will not be able to be registered.
  • After DD/MM/YYYY, we will not make any new card tournaments.
  • Jake will not be hosting any new livestreams after DD/MM/YYYY.
  • You’ll be unable to create new worlds after DD/MM/YYYY.
  • PWE will shut down after DD/MM/YYYY.
  • New events will not be hosted after DD/MM/YYYY.

We hope that you have enjoyed Pixel Worlds for the past X years!

Thank you for the awesome community!
~Jake, Dev and EndlesS, your developers!

  • There will also be a forum post and an YT video explaining the shutdown.
  • There’ll be “compensation events”, such as free VIP or gems for playing the game before the shutdown.
  • On the last stream, Jake will join up with the other devs such as CK, Dev or EndlesS to chat with people as a special last stream.

How do you think the eventual shutdown will happen?

eh well firstly there will be no new updates jake and the devs will move on maybe stop developing games entirely or just this one, and then after maybe a year after the playerbase eventually gets too low and the servers will shut down.

Your comment is a lot more depressing than mine

well thats just my opinion on how it will go.

i think his is more realistic. your approach requires communication from developers- they can’t even do that when the game is still running.

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PW is quickly becoming the new GT.

Why are you so pessimistic pw isn’t getting worse it has been this toxic fir years.

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Ondrashrek how long have you been playing?

Please don’t call me that.

Fun fact: “Ondrashek” is a nickname that my mom used to call me via text messages. Then, my dad adopted the nickname for his Geocaching account. After a while, I found “Ondrashek06” to be the username I use on the internet for almost everything.

My username was never related to Shrek.

Whatever you say Ondra Shrek.

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I’ve been playing a game called DeepWorld before PW released on 2016, DeepWorld is also a game like PW/GT but without something called as WORLD LOCKS. Too bad deepworld isn’t completed, they promised to update, nor making a huge update but it never get released, I threw lots of cash in it and also on a suit called Exo Suit which prevent damage when you fall into lava, I sensed that game is gonna die but it might still have chance to come back, after a years the game did came out with a note like what you wrote, not completely same but the meaning is exactly the same, compensate gift, free item, etc. And after that day they stated it will be closed, it do happen and that’s the last day I played that game. It’s gone forever. I think if you google Why DeepWorld Dies or Is DeepWorld Dead* you might still have chance to see the last note they released. It’s been so many years


Here is mine (in order)

When PW shuts down

  • Updates get too boring
  • People lose interest in the features for profit
  • The devs start making another game (that will be their new focus)
  • People start quitting
  • Player base goes down
  • Jake and the others start earning little to no money
  • The developers try adding new stuff and other ways to promote the game but nothing works
  • The developers begin the argument whether they should shut down pixel worlds or not
  • 50% of the players leave the game
  • The developers will try hosting giveaways with bigger prizes for the remaining players staying.
  • People who still love the game try calling their friends and maybe members of their family to play the game too.
  • Youtubers stop making videos
  • 1/4 of the players stay now
  • The argument between the devs start pointing towards closing the game
  • The devs settle the argument and decide to close the game
  • New players can no longer be registered
  • A countdown of 7 days will be visible in the menus
  • Even tho many players left, there will still be alot of players
  • Players who still like the game protest
  • Just like what Ondra said, compensation events will be hosted. Free vip can be given away. Special items and expensive ones that the devs can code in the game to players (dpixie, drac cape etc.) will be given to pretty much everyone “just to experience” on certain days within the 7 days closing.
  • Jake will make a live stream explaining everything.
  • People will either flee to GT or to a new game Kukouri will make (that can be a new community)
  • New worlds can’t be made
  • Dynamic worlds (except Pixelstation) will shut down
  • Anything you can get (such as byte coins from wls for ex) cannot be done
  • Everyone will unite in Pixelstation
  • Jake finally close the servers
  • A notice will pop up when you try to enter the game
  • The forums will probably be closed or will be changed for different games or purposes.
  • The pixel worlds youtube channel and social medias will be inactive (with the last video showing that the game is closed)
  • The pw app will not be seen in the app store
  • PW youtubers will make content about other games
  • People will now be with a different community

so sorry if it is so long xD

Deepworld’s End

We’ve had a wild ride. Together, we’ve built a truly unique experience over the years. Six whole years, to be exact! But as all things must end, so must Deepworld.

Last year, we put hundreds of hours of work into giving Deepworld new life. We launched on Android and drastically improved the PC experience. We released a number of server updates including daily challenges, minigames, and more. Unfortunately, we were unable to sustain any real growth. That leaves us today with a game that is no longer profitable, and one we are hard pressed to support given our full-time jobs.

We respect our community, so we want to give Deepworld a proper goodbye. With our remaining funds, we can operate the game and forums until the end of August, at which point both will shut down permanently.


Could Deepworld have been saved somehow?

That’s a difficult question to answer. The mobile game landscape has changed a lot since we started Deepworld. Most successful online games these days have gigantic marketing budgets and take years to see a profit. As a pair of developers with full-time jobs (and little cash to burn on advertising), it’s basically impossible for Bytebin to compete with those other games, even if we were to continue releasing new content like we did last year.

Will there be a way to run private servers after the shutdown?

No. Unfortunately, Deepworld’s server architecture is prohibitively complex (and old). It involves several different server applications running on different cloud providers, all properly configured to work together, all of which costs a lot of money.

Will there be a way to play Deepworld offline after the shutdown?

No. Since Deepworld uses a network pipeline for nearly all of its dynamics, creating an offline mode would involve a complete rewrite, and that is not a time commitment we can make.

What will happen to our worlds?

We plan to provide a way to access world data, and hopefully even images, after the shutdown. I will keep you posted on the progress.

What will happen to the forums?

The forums are expensive, so it’s necessary for us to shut them down. However, we can obtain an archive of all the images uploaded, so we hope to provide a way for the many amazing Screenshots of the Day to live on into eternity :slight_smile:

Is there another place we can chat?

I think this is as good a time as any to plug the Discord channel as a place to stay in touch!
Link here:

Also, if we ever have any official Deepworld news to put out in the future, you’ll always find it first at our Twitter account.
Link here:

Can we get refunds?

No. Unfortunately, our funds are very limited and keeping the game alive through August is all we can do. Like any online business, purchases made in Deepworld are governed by the terms of service, and those terms dictate that the business may not last forever. If it provides any solace, your purchases are the only reason we are able to continue operating for three more months. As it stands, it would be better financially for us to shutdown without warning, but we prefer to give Deepworld and its players a proper sendoff.

Is anything interesting going to happen in the next three months?

Absolutely! Since we’re riding off into the sunset, we might as well do it with a bang. Expect bigger worlds, more brains, cheaper stuff, and probably a bunch of other random shenanigans.

Will the crown store still be available?

Yes, and we will be heavily discounting items as we get closer to shutdown. Any contributions you make will be greatly appreciated by the devs, since we still have work to do in order to make sure world data is available post-shutdown, etc.

Final Thoughts

If other pertinent questions arrive, we will be sure to post them here. Thank you for participating with us in this amazing six-year long journey. It’s been our pleasure to make this weird and wonderful world with you.

Btw this is wrong, Pw was released on mobile in 2016, 2017 was when the steam version came

you can still get deepworld on steam

Anyways I’d expect a pretty early warning, like a month before

Reasoning why they will discontinue
As @TiberiusZgo said, many people will protest
No more updates
IG purchases no longer available

1 week before

Free VIP
Fireworks and all boosters available back in store
Unlimited pwe use(buy any item for free)
Jakes live announcement

1 day

Everyone gathering to pay respects to the game

Hours before

Everyone gathering in pixelstation
Fireworks destroying the game
Hackers show off their best hacks
= Flying noobs swearing their heads off(Like in gt rollback)
Everyone dropping their items
People with hope of pw getting revived gathering
Pw cult forms
Dev team gets kidnapped by cult
Dev team forced to make PW again
Everyone goes back on
Pw continues as usual.

on mobile, the game is completely gone, I never played on pc and also theres no point to continue to play it on pc when theres no update going to release ever. Also the game has been shut down

pixel world will shut down on 1/1/6999

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Why did you need to reply to this 4 months after the last reply with a bad meme?

Anyway, since you’ve revived it and to actually contribute to the thread, I think Pixel Worlds’ shutdown will be much more cut-and-dry. Jake will most likely stop doing live streams earlier, and the game will slowly stop being supported until they decide to pull the plug.

There isn’t much of a reason to slowly close off features, if anything it just makes closing down the game more difficult than just taking it offline. I do wonder if their policies on private servers will change after the game shuts down though?


this thread is just…

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i cant bother do read all of that

I don’t think there will be any compensation events because their TOS says that they don’t have to do them and they don’t have to make a notice for the shut down either.

Or actually who knows, they will do that for the better PR.
But I seriously doubt about the compensation events.

This is literally in the TOS for every game/service on the planet.