There have been way too many unnecessary bans in PW forums

This is just my opinion but I feel like people are getting banned from forums without any good reason… also why is @RetNos locking threads for no apparent reason? It feels like no matter who is in control, the forum moderation has always been complete garbage.


I suppose it’s just to keep the list of threads cleaner, plus she’s new at this job.

Threads cleaner? You mean forums less active. RetNos is locking post just because she can and this teeny tiny amount of power she has has gone straight to her head. “Look at me, I can lock this post, I’m so special”. I bet she locks or deletes this post lmao

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You can’t expect any new moderator to make 0 mistakes when they start off their journey as moderator.
I don’t understand how is it making forums less active, what’s the point of it being active anyway.

Forums are becoming less active since posts are getting locked for no reason and therefore forums have less conversations. And whats the point of forums being active? If the forums aren’t active they are dead lol.

I honestly already have a feeling that RetNos is slowly but surely becoming the next Starfire and is not suitable for moderator role

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pointless conversations like this?

She got promoted 2 weeks ago, I’m sure many of this game’s moderators did small mistakes in their early days as well, chill.

I just checked the locked threads, they all had fair reasons.
I don’t have access to deleted ones, so I can’t really comment on them, haven’t seen em.

I can just say that Retnos needs some time to get used to being a moderator, I’m pretty sure Retnos is doing best she could and I’m also pretty sure she is not someone who would take decisions with her emotions.

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Lemme just explain deleted one that i saw
pin just saying that opjr’s ban wasnt fair or smth like that
saw nothing else, heard nothing else, just sharing my info, mods pls dont ban me, i dont wanna get involved

also one post opjr asked how it is name shaming putting someones name into a video, lets call them xd(that video was only saying xd was bad) after someone warned him i agreed with that guy who warned them and he literally put my words in a post and kinda made fun of me (kinda hurt my feelings but who really cares lol)

(And maybe go to prison)

Okay the deleted ones were like 50/50 I was in all of them so thats a valid reason to close

Looks like they’re deleted because the topic ends with just walking around in circles. The individual was banned for a reason, and it was only for
a month.
There’s nothing to learn from them

Be happy Retnos isn’t flat out deleting threads just for criticism like some other mod


bro wdym?
I dont see any problems…
the locked threads are all locked for a reason, if they weren’t there’d just be unnecessary discussions.
and the banned accounts all have a reason, so I really dont see what you all mean…


I think it would be nice if we had clarification from multiple mods, although RetNos isn’t the only mod who is aware of the ban and claims it’s deserved.

I’ve seen the locked threads and they were all for a good reason, if you’re talking about redacted and redacted getting suspended, they deserved it.

Where is the proof of the bans though? That is all we want.

Sometimes you can’t discuss bans if it has to do with IPs or private matters.

its not private matters. the reason is public, I just want a deeper explanation

I mean unless you’re pin you can’t say whether they are or not.

Im literally dming him