There needs to be a "Neither Set fits the Theme" Button

While doing my Best Set Competition votes today, I noticed something I had already somewhat seen coming. Over half of the Sets I could vote for were not Blue at all, or had only small parts beeing blue. I had already seen some posts on Instagram of people sharing their entries, so I knew some people completely disregarded the Theme, but I did not expect this many people to ignore the theme entirely.

These are my 25 votes

Sadly, if you are presented with 2 Sets that both disregard the Competition’s Theme, you have to give one of them a vote regardless, even if you don’t want to. I personnally started voting for the Set which I thought would get less votes by other people in such cases, in hopes of having other people vote for the other set so neither set can get alot of votes, but I feel like this won’t do much to combat the problem.
This is why I would really want a “Neither Set fits the Theme” or similar Button, to not give votes to a Set which doesn’t fit the theme at all. This button would simply skip the 2 Sets and present you with new ones, as if you would’ve voted normally (it’s up for debate if it should count towards your 25 vote limit). If a set is deemed as not fitting the theme a lot, it could also get disqualified, but I don’t know if that is neccessary.

Thanks for reading my topic and please let me know your opinion on it!

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I agree, there should be a button, if many players has voted it then the player who nomainate the false-set is disqualified immedately without refund. i feel annoyed voting to people not following the theme. its like they’re not educated enough… even if you weared the noobest blue set in PW, i still want to vote it. atlest its not a different theme.

A “skip” option could be abused easily, besides the fact that no matter which one you vote for, they’re unlikely to win. An alt account could just keep skipping until they eventually get the option to vote for their own set. From what I’ve seen the system is fine as is, but you vote for the one which is closest to the theme, even if it’s not close at all. I’d imagine all sets show up an equal amount of times, so it all balances out.

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