There's new exploit going on: People are creating new worlds with invalid world names!

There is some kind of hack or exploit that allows you to create worlds with invalid world names such as MINEWORLD + number. I saw the owner (most likely a hacker) selling the worlds for lots of wls.
The reason I made this post is to say that DON’T BUY THE WORLDS! Once this gets fixed, you will lose the world and might even get banned. Also, if you buy the worlds from a hacker, you’re supporting the hacker to continue hacking.

That has been existing for quite a while, but I guess only now some hackers have started selling them instead of giving them away.

You can lock this world before the update lives, i locked the world JETRACE18 before Jetrace update came out and now it’s invalid…

The words “Hack” and “Glitch” is just to make the world price high so they can sell for expensive


wikbruh3 is a hacker i seen in the world BUY. how did he??