These are English forums

And people, not only me, would prefer if you speak English here. While I understand that it’s your native language, would you want to have forums where EVERYBODY speaks their native language and nobody would communicate with each other?

My native language is Czech, yet I do understand that I need to speak English here if I do want to communicate reasonably here.

One specific individual ignores this and speaks Finnish, knowing that only a few people here know it, and that certain moderators do not know it and are stumped if they for example insult someone or stuff. I don’t understand if this is just to troll or stuff, because THEY also know English, yet refuse to speak it on English forums.

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this person just trolls in these forums nowadays, i remember him being good friend back in the months but he’ll no, now he’s just another stupid troll in here, hopefully he realizes what he has done and leaves forums, hopefully.


Yeah ephus has just been really annoying lately swearing at people when they make a joke about him. Those jokes are justified btw.
Yeah I also hope he changes his ways or leaves the forum.

Also ondrashek I’m happy that you have calmed it down a bit on the ban and wii posts.

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Well if they want to speak their native tongue, they should just privatley dm

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Not only is this an English forum, it’s also a Pixel Worlds forum. Maybe? Hm…idk… stop posting nonsense Nintendo/Wii threads

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Hehe…funny :smiley: