They promised us this update but they didn't make it

Am I the only one still waiting for the dungeon update they promised us awhile ago?

Redman is back!

For now atleast…

But the answer to your question is ‘no’, I think…

For a little bit.


You came back at the right time…

also im trans now days if you did not know hehe

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Oh ok.

No, buuut, i really want it…

I remember that huge red scroll
what is it? A bigger nether?

Beeg nether/Chubby nether

I think they should think about something else, the first nether update was so good because it was the first time they added pve, mobs that you could fight.
But if they did something like a “dungeon” where there are 2 teams or more where some players are pixelians and others are monsters/mobs it would be very cool. (if done right)