Things that the new devs should NOT do

I will give a chance to the new devs and will play NewPW, however if the new devs have the “brilliant” idea to do any of the things, I’ll quit.

  • NFTs. It’s literally self-explanatory. Nobody will actually support a literal scam which also destroys the enviroment.
  • Partnering in any way with the CCP. Imagine supporting a government that has cameras every 2 meters, ranks everyone based on a score, and supports genocide.
  • Battle Pass. This crap is milked by tons and tons of game developers. Stop trying to hop on the latest bandwagon. Nobody here actually asked for a battlepass.
  • Purchase-exclusive currency. For example, Stardust. The only way to obtain Stardust is to purchase it and it can buy some OP stuff which can sell for tons of BC.
  • "VIP Level" systems. Again, milking a dead cow. Having a VIP subscription is fine, but having a stupid “VIP level” which basically tries to milk money for “VIP EXP” is not.
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Give me 1 good reason they would do this

Everything else i agree

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i love how some of these are reasonable things and then there is just a random CCP thing in here. lol


The reason would be that they decide that not enough people have given them money, so they need to partner with the CCP to bring the game into China.

Roblox partnered. Nintendo partnered with the CCP too. Also Discord. Even Supercell did, and that is a Finnish company.

Wou don’t give them any ideas now

tiktok was bought by the chinese government too

U think a small finnish indie studio is gonna partner with the CCP?

No, was. The CCP then made TikTok.

It was made in china, not owned by the government.

Tiktok just works with the government but is not the government

ask this guy

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I have been scammed many times. once i my soda jetpack even got scammed but i did not quit. BUT if there would be some vip level crap, that would make the game a pay to win game and i would quit!!!

What developers? I dont see any developers :blush:

Don’t post off-topic replies here! You got scammed due to your own carelessness and please remember the forums is not a place to report or name and shame.

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I meant by that i wont quit easily… And i didn’t report anyone but sorry for naming/shaming.

he didn’t name or shame anybody?

He just stated that he didn’t quit even though his valuables got scammed but he would quit if it became P2W.


Dude it’s just a part of a conversation, he didn’t do anything wrong and you don’t have to be a mini mod all the time


bbricks is still here :roll_eyes:

I’m not mini-modding. I’m helping him out and no where in this forum’s rules and regulations does it say, “you can’t mini - moderate”. You seem to have a problem with that.

I advised him not to name or shame. I didn’t specifically say, he named and shamed ‘x’.

Yeah it’s annoying