This community is straight up garbage

(Gonna try to keep this child friendly)
Most of this is personal experience and views :sunglasses:

Let’s face it, this community used to be good but now it’s just a craphole.
Just look around man, 60% of the gms are people complaining about stuff and drama, people not being happy with updates because it’s “not profitable”, hackers spreading like a wildfire, tons of illegal traders selling their WLs and getting quick cash, and the developers? They seem to do nothing about it but that might just be a personal view since I can just imagine how hard it is to keep a playerbase alive and happy. The devs claim they ban a ton of hackers and hunt down their alts but is that really the case? The people who duplicated stuff are still out there with their alts ruining the game for some people, certain rich people buying WLs for real money but nobody seems to do anything about it.

And don’t even get me started on the PW discord, It’s such a weird system a lot of people get banned for barely anything offensive and there are people spamming actual hateful and harmful crap but them and their messages stay there for hours, while active and cool people get banned in minutes after they say something. Sometimes I just want to chat there peacefully with the cool people but some idiot comes and ruins the experience for most people and where are the mods? Well I dont know lol (I get that they have personal lives but most of them are just dead most of the time) And the fact that these idiots come so frequently just shows how much the discord is not moderated well.

Another thing is the PW instagram, I know that is not moderatable by any of the admins or moderators (Thats why im the most active there lol) but god the crapshow that happens there basically daily is just honestly sad.

Is there a fix to this?
In my opinion, no this community is filled with greedy and toxic rats who ruin others experience. The only solution is to cut all contact with the community aka quit the game, and honestly that really does suck. Seeing this game grow from a small playerbase to this makes me sad in a way since I thought this game would be different from growtopia but hell, even growtopias discord server is friendlier.

Please share your opinions on this topic I would love to hear what you forum people have to say about this. Maybe this post will get deleted since i honestly dk if i broke any rules lol

And yes i am aware of the fact that i am apart of the toxic-ish part of the community sometimes shut up
Its just how can I be cool to people who want to expose people for joking around and people who are willing to lie for a few pixelated locks

If i made any spelling mistakes or something i dont really care


Yesn’t. This game has disappointed me.

When the community gets toxic enough, I’m just going to quit the game. That’s what I did with Growtopia.

I’m basically just enjoying the game while I can, similarly to how I just enjoyed my time playing Growtopia up until the game reached a point where I no longer wanted to be associated with the community.


Welcome to preschool!

The community in-game hasn’t been great ever since i came back, that’s why i stuck with fishing and mining by myself while meeting other players through discord and forums.


Another emphasis on the discord. Bans from Discord are sadly “PERMANENT and can’t be appealed”.

Which would be fine if a subscriber perk didn’t rely on Discord, and if Jake didn’t post important announcements on there and only there.

If discord bans weren’t permanent, the community there would be even worse than it currently is. You have several chances to redeem yourself after your initial discord warning, if you couldn’t learn from your mistakes then, you don’t deserve a 2nd (although realistically 10th) chance.

Twitch subs are to support the game. There’s also a few perks on Twitch. If you are that sad about missing out on a meaningless discord badge and a general chat with people who can speak in literally every other channel and/or platform, don’t become a subscriber. If you’re gifted a Tiwtch sub, better again. You’re loosing out on nothing, it’s free.

Important announcements?? Anything of actual importance will be announced on all major platforms, ie. YouTube, Instagram, etc. If you’re talking about minor details that aren’t overly important, these are 9/10 times discussed/mentioned on live-streams.

Please stop complaining. I’ve seen so many annoying posts from you regarding being banned in discord. It’s your fault, stop blaming literally everyone else. It’s not hard to see why people think the community is bad.


No, I often got warnings for dumb stuff like “overly using caps”. Use the F word once, another warn. Don’t you think that you’re being overly protective of these practices? Plus, strikes don’t expire so you accumulate those in no time and get the inevitable ban.

But no, everything is my fault.

Grow up. Nobody else but you is at fault. Jesus christ, stop blaming others for your misbehavior and accept responsibility.


Yes, everything is your fault. The rules rarely change, it’s not hard to adapt to them. The discord server is barely a few years old. Currently no need for strikes and bans to reset.

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What do you not understand on a system of no appeals not being suitable?

Roblox devforums have an automatic strike pardoning system, -1 strike each 3 months. Then you get more chances to correct your behavior before you get banned for 1000y.

The rules are simple. In order to not comprehend the rules, you either have to be:

A. Think you are better than others
B. Be retarded
C. Be illiterate
D. Or a combination of those

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I got unbanned multiple times and i had perma bans tho

Ok, and now you go to straight up insulting me.

Having to lose perks THAT YOU PAY FOR due to being banned from a discussion server is basically less worth for the money. How would you like a $50 package with perks for certain games, but you cannot redeem 1 perk because you’re banned from that game?

It isn’t an insult. It’s just the truth.

You should have used your damn two-centimeter diameter brain to think before you started acting like a fool. Jesus Christ.

yes lightinochi that is so true

How did you get unbanned from the discord?

i remember people talking about how great it was lol.


Here’s my stance on this:

This is quite true. While I was just hanging out by myself I decided to look at the GM board and all I saw were people complaining about the new card update and such. Why are they complaining for something that isn’t out yet? And also…they’re wasting all of their gems!

People are WAYYYYY too obsessed with money…this is why I don’t touch money at all unless I need it to buy stuff. Money does crazy things to people. (This is just my opinion. It may be wrong.)

Since PW is just an indie game, they only have so much developers and so much mods. The mods have to juggle between modding the game, the Discord and the forums. They could’ve hired more mods, but, as you know, it’s hard to trust anyone in this game especially with the hackers spreading like a wildfire.

i miss going there, that server has gone to complete :poop: since I left

I remember meeting a heckuva lot of bad apples in there. Sheesh…

that’s kinda true. I remember the Trillionare scandal, all that stuff

as I said: People are too obsessed with money. I myself can enjoy the game whilst being poor while others can’t breathe without some golden locks.

All statements expressed above are my opinions. If you find something wrong, feel free to reply to me.

Yeah, it’s sad how the community went to :poop:

Not even just kids are those garbage throwers, even some adults, and we can blame some on those GT players who just migrated to PW for some reason, maybe got banned there or something

Cringe Replies :nauseated_face: Like really cringe

Not mostly the game, it’s because of the community