This guy lost his world


His world is @PWSC

He turned it into a troll world, then respawned, and can’t break the vortex portal, ice, fan, etc because he gets teleported to @BOTH instantly.

There is also a deflector and a turret.

It’s been at least a week since he can’t get his world back, so I decided to write a topic about it here.


If he created that troll world, he deserve to get that punishment for not getting his world and also his pro item back. No one likes the troll especially being teleport to world BOTH, it might seems cruel but yes I think he deserve it. If really any mods or admin help him, that dude who created that troll world deserve some punishment


I took a look at his world and it looks like he can easily escape by just turning off the deflectors. It’s not that hard.

There is a turret too, and it’s far away from the entrance.

All he needs to do is turn off the deflectors and the fans one by one

There is a turret on the right, you can’t see it.

Yeah it’s simple to get back into his world.

that’s not going to stop him from turning off the fans and the deflectors and once those are turned off the turret isn’t going to do much

Idk, he says there isn’t enough time, and since he couldn’t get his world for a week already I would believe him.

I went to his world and hit the reflector, then entered his world again and hit the fan. You can try it yourself.

Why are you trying to prove it to me?

He says he can’t do it, not me.

I’m proving it to you because I already started explaining how it’s escapable

Not every device is the same, maybe he has a very slow one that doesn’t let him hit it.

Actually, that is a good point, I didn’t consider that. If that’s the case then he is actually stuck.


I can say within 5 tries he can get it back.

if he has no lag

Defition of digging your own grave.


its his own fault,
making troll worlds and lost pro items
the guy shouldn’t do that again

A YTber got their world back by amod…

Special treatment arguements if this happens